Our profile and influence

There is no other industry association in Australia dedicated to advocating for businesses in design, advisory, and engineering services.

The good standing and reputation of our members and the professionalism and experience of the Consult Australia team earns us a credible and respected profile with governments, institutions, your clients, and other stakeholders.

Consult Australia has developed long-standing, productive relationships with parliamentarians and the public service across the country. We maintain these relationships through our committed team of policy and state/territory engagement professionals and influential business leaders willing to drive positive change for our industry and our communities and economies.

Our advocacy campaigns are structured on the four key member priorities: People, Pipeline, Practice, and Procurement. Our advocacy is member-driven, via our state/territory committees, our roundtables and working groups.

Striving  for Mentally Healthy Workplaces


Our aim is to create a vibrant and sustainable workforce for our industry and your business.

Our current campaigns include; striving for mentally healthy workplaces and strengthening Australia's talent pipeline.




Our goal is a smart project pipeline that delivers growth and prosperity for the industry.

Our current pipeline campaigns to include; building the case for infrastructure funding reforms and seeking a smarter approach to pipeline planning.


Paper question mark


Our aim is to enhance productivity through balanced reforms.

Our current campaigns include; appropriate building compliance reforms and national registration of engineers.



Contract sign


Our goal is better procurement practice for a productive and viable supply ecosystem.

Our current campaigns include; the model client policy, tackling unfair contracts and seeking better procurement practice.



Industry Health Checks 

Throughout the COVID-19 response and recovery periods, we are periodically conducting health checks of our membership to monitor changes to our industry's impacts and outlook.  Results from these health checks are in the reports below.

Member-driven advocacy

We rely on active participation by members to drive our advocacy work. We have committees in each state and territory that drive local initiatives. We also have four roundtables that drive our national approach and lend support to the state/territory committees when needed. Also, to help us with particular campaigns or thought leadership pieces we create ad-hoc working groups.

To learn more about our member-driven advocacy including the priorities of each roundtable, current participants and how to get involved click below.


More information

For more information about our industry focussed advocacy work, please contact:

Nicola Grayson, Chief Executive - nicola@consultaustralia.com.au

James Robertson, Policy Advisor - james@consultaustralia.com.au

Kristy Eulenstein, Policy Advisor (Legal & Regulatory) - kristy@consultaustralia.com.au