Code of Ethics

Collaboration, Fairness and Integrity - the Commitment of Consult Australia Members

Consult Australia's Code of Ethics, along with the Code of Conduct and the Guide on Consult Australia Activities and Avoiding Anti-Competitive Behaviour sets out the behaviour expected of Consult Australia members and their representatives. For our members the commitment to our Code of Ethics is integral to the values and culture of each and every business.

The commitment of Consult Australia members is an important point of difference that distinguishes the delivery of services relative to those provided by competitors that may not make this same commitment or lead collaboratively through Consult Australia membership.

Code of Ethics

Consult Australia members commit to upholding standards underpinned by the principles outlined in our Code of Ethics.

Consult Australia members, when dealing with clients, the community, and other members, will uphold the standards expected of professional consultants, committing to three core principles:

  • Collaboration – sharing ideas, skills, experience and building relationships to achieve shared goals.
  • Fairness – treating everyone with respect, consistency and acting equitably.
  • Integrity  acting honestly, authentically and being accountable. 

Consult Australia’s Code of Ethics is to be read together with the Consult Australia Complaints & Disciplinary Procedures

Members should promote commitment to our Code of Ethics:



Code of Conduct

Consult Australia members are businesses that provide advisory, design, and engineering consultancy services and are part of the same industry. The Code of Conduct assists individual representatives of member businesses understand their obligations with regards to  their behaviour and participation at Consult Australia member meetings (including with stakeholders).

Participants acknowledge the responsibility and privilege to participate in meetings and develop policy and other guidance material for Consult Australia and its members. Individuals must therefore adhere to the Code of Conduct to support the productive participation by all participants in meetings and in the development of material. Individuals are also expected to actively encourage compliance with the Code of Conduct, by accepting and encouraging rapid actions to address poor, unacceptable, or inappropriate behaviours and breaches of the Code of Conduct.



Guide on Consult Australia Activities

The opportunities Consult Australia provides (networking meetings, discussions, and events) bring competitors in the same industry together which has the potential to lead to anti-competitive behaviour and/or contravention of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

Representatives from member businesses that participate in Consult Australia activities must be familiar with the guide and avoid anti-competitive behaviour.



If you would like more information about Consult Australia’s Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct or Guide on Consult Australia Activities and Avoiding Anti-Competitive Behaviour please contact Consult Australia on (02) 8252 6700 or via email