The Consult Australia Champions of Change group was established in 2016 with a focus on increasing the representation and influence of women in our industry. The group is committed to consistent and sustainable progress in advancing more and diverse women, creating safe, respectful and inclusive cultures, removing structural inequities, and designing systems and workplaces for a truly gender-equal future. The ambition is to achieve inclusive gender equality across our workplaces within a generation.

The Consult Australia Champions of Change has been formed with C-Suite representation from across our member firms to listen to and learn from a wide range of voices to inform practical evidence-based actions that accelerate change; to track, benchmark and measure progress; and to develop and share resources for others to adopt and adapt.

The Group now comprises 11 member CEOs leading over 20,000 employees across Australia and internationally.

Consult Australia's Champions of Change works alongside the broader national Champions of Change Coalition - a globally recognised innovative strategy for achieving gender equality, advancing more and diverse women in leadership, and building respectful and inclusive workplaces.

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In 2022:

  • 34.2% women’s representation achieved overall across the Group. Up from 33.4% in 2021.
  • 100% of Members have a gender equality strategy and action plan that is reviewed annually by their Board or senior leadership team. Up from 72.7% in 2021.
  • 100% of Members have committed to the “Panel Pledge” to only participate in panels or forums when there is gender balance among the other speakers. Up from 90.0% in 2021.
  • 100% of Members have mainstreamed flexible work in their organisation, with policy, tools and technology and leadership support. Up from 90.0% in 2021.


Everyday Respect Report

In 2022 the Consult Australia Champions of Change published their ground-breaking report: Everyday Respect: It starts with understanding. It starts with us. The report providing a deeper understanding of the nature, prevalence and impact of exclusionary behaviours within member firms and across the industry. The Champions have committed to acting on the findings; reflecting on and communicating the human cost of exclusion, role-modelling the type of behaviour expected, sharing learnings across member organisations, creating psychologically safe workplaces, providing resources and skills and holding themselves to account.