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About Us

Consult Australia, for over 70 years, the sole association dedicated to the success of consulting businesses in design, advisory and engineering.

Our members, ranging from Australia’s most innovative small and medium sized firms to global corporations, deliver the solutions to the nation’s most complex challenges helping shape, create  and sustain our built and natural environment.

Our industry supports:

over 58,000 businesses

over 58,000 businesses

employing over 280,000 people

employing over 280,000 people

generating over $18bn in revenue

generating over $18bn in revenue

delivering for membersdelivering for members

Delivering for Members

The team at Consult Australia is committed to our members and the industry.

We have a range of member resources for you and your team on people, legal and related issues. This includes our highly regarded client briefings on terms of concern - empowering you to push back on onererous contract terms.

Our team are passionate advocates, we produce impactful thought leadership to further our existing relationships with clients and open doors with more government leaders and decision-makers. We also contribute our solutions focus to open consultations through our submissions. Our advocacy is proudly member-led, we rely on our roundtables, committees and forums where members come together to share insights.

Use our Standard Contract

The Consult Australia suite includes a Consultant Contract and Subconsultant Contract. These are designed to be used by consultants of various sizes and disciplines across a range of projects, and include a liability cap, appropriate limits on liability, as well as a focus on dispute resolution.

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