There is no other industry association in Australia dedicated to advocating for the business interests of firms consulting in the built and natural environment.

Consult Australia's policy and advocacy is supported by long-standing, productive relationships through federal, state and territory parliaments and bureaucracy as well as our members' substantial expertise and unique perspective on a range of issues.

Our current national advocacy priorities are:

  1. Strengthen the built environment policy and pipeline
  2. Improve procurement for better project outcomes
  3. Strengthen the talent pipeline
  4. Lead debate on the built environment innovation agenda
  5. Connect Australian firms to the region and the world
  6. Improve the regulatory and business environment for firms

In additional to these priority areas, we also represent our member's interests at state and territory level through divisional committees who drive activities responsive to the unique challenges of their jurisdiction.

The links below will provide you with more information.

2016 AdvocacyPriorities

2018 Policy Wins


Nicola GraysonNicola Grayson
Chief Executive Officer

Nicola is a government relations specialist, and has represented industry associations to governments in the UK, the European Union, and Australia. Nicola has worked across a range of sectors including general insurance, consumer finance, alcohol, and education, in addition to consulting engineering. With an Honours Degree in Law from the UK, she specialises in liability and contracting issues on behalf of Consult Australia. Nicola previously worked for Consult Australia from 2004 to 2010 (the development of AS4122-2010 being her last major project). After 5 years back in the UK, she re-joined Consult Australia in 2017.

James RobertsonJames Robertson
Policy Advisor

James joined Consult Australia in July 2018, bringing with him policy experience across a number of sectors. Prior to joining the team, James was the policy manager at Consult Australia’s sister association in the UK where he was responsible for developing policy positions on key issues affecting the built and natural environment. James also has a background in the Australian Public Service and in consulting, having previously worked in transport, infrastructure, security and health policy areas. James is an avid cricket fan in his spare time.

Kristy EulensteinKristy Eulenstein
Policy Advisor (Legal & Regulatory)

Kristy joined Consult Australia in July 2019, after over 15 years in the public service. She has delivered high-profile policy and regulatory initiatives involving significant stakeholder engagement on a range of topics such as gambling, online content, and broadcasting. Kristy is legally trained and enjoys delving into complex legal problems. In her spare time Kristy sews, watches films (featuring powerful women) and looks forward to seeing her Rabbitohs win more NRL premierships.