Message from the Chair – Sheldon Krahe


It’s a great pleasure to be the Chair of the Western Australia committee for Consult Australia and to work alongside the WA Committee to promote our industry.  We have been quiet over the past 6 months but this doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy with a range of activities occurring.

Firstly, it’s my great pleasure to formally welcome Diane Dowdell into the role of State Manager for Western Australia. Diane has had to hit the ground running at Consult Australia, starting as she did in the middle of the Covid 19 lockdown in Western Australia in late April. However, she has been reaching out to a number of key government agencies and ministerial offices during this time to raise the profile of Consult Australia and its member firms and their role in the Covid recovery plans. Diane has been involved in a number of ministerial roundtables on WA Covid Recovery Strategies and also been actively engaging with Infrastructure WA. A key outcome of which has been the inclusion of Consult Australia on the Infrastructure WA External Stakeholder Reference Group for the development of the State Infrastructure Strategy.

Moving forward, these WA newsletters will be a regular feature every 2-3 months to keep the WA members informed on a range of activities happening at the State level. Along with the new website, which includes a WA advocacy page, we will be sharing more information and more regularly with members. I encourage you all to take advantage of the information on the member pages of the Consult Australia website.   

If you are looking for information or seeking assistance from Consult Australia reach out to Diane Dowdell to discuss.

Covid 19 – WA Update

Consult Australia has developed several briefing notes to assist member firms, clients, government departments and agencies, as well as the broader industry respond to COVID-19. 

In May an industry health check was conducted whereby member firms where asked to provide feedback on COVID-19 impacts as well as their perspective on the six-month outlook. A follow up survey is currently underway, so if you haven’t received an email and would like to participate in the survey please email our national policy advisor, James Robertson.

Results of the follow up survey will be available in early October.  

Building Engineers Registration

In July, the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) release a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS) on the proposal for the Registration of Building Engineers in Western Australia. Copies of the CRIS can be access from the DMIRS website here.

The CRIS has been developed to obtain feedback on proposals to address recommendations 1 to 3 of the Building Confidence Report by extending the current registration of building service providers to include building engineers.

The proposal will impact engineers in the following categories: 
• Civil engineers
• Structural engineers
• Hydraulic engineers
• Mechanical engineers
• Geotechnical engineers and 
• Fire safety engineers

Consult Australia supports a national approach and mutual recognition for engineers to ensure that there is consistency across Australia to support a mobile workforce and avoid unnecessary costs and inconsistencies. 
Submissions on the proposed scheme are due by 8 December 2020 and any members are encouraged to review and provide any feedback to Diane Dowdell for incorporation into the Consult Australia submission. 

FutureNet WA

The future success and resilience of the industry is built upon the development of early career and young professionals. Consult Australia actively works to provide opportunities for professional development of the industry’s young professionals through FutureNet.

It was great to get back to face to face events in August when the FutureNet committee put on an excellent event with two fabulous guest speakers Sean Vincent and Kathryn Day on Alliance and Private Public Partnership contracting models. 

Our next event will be on 23 September, where again two great speakers, Suzi Johnson and Sandy Anghie will be talking about the importance of personal band to your career. Tickets are available now so don’t forget to book. You can register for the event here


Temporary and Contract Workers Needed More Than Ever

The use of temporary and contract workers typically increases during uncertain times and COVID-19 is no exception. The ongoing effects of Covid-19 in Western Australia through government mandated border closures and stimulus packages in the infrastructure and building sectors is putting increasing pressure on the resources of many companies to effectively be able to deliver in these uncertain times. Some businesses remain cautious when taking on additional staff costs but with the WA economy still focused on driving project deliverables, organisations need resources. Suzi Johnson from WA Gold Sponsors Titan Recruitment has provided some key thoughts below regarding why an organisation should consider using temporary or contract workers.

They can solve short term needs and can offer a variety of benefits like the following:

1. Enable businesses to adapt quickly

Temporary staff and contractors allow a business to keep optimal staffing levels as business needs change such as special projects, or to replace employees taking family, annual or sick leave.

2. Evaluate potential employees

Hiring temporary staff and contractors allows a business to trial a potential future permanent hire to see if they are the right fit for the role, skills, and culture of the organisation. Some companies prefer this method to prevent hiring the wrong candidates outright.
Hiring a temporary staff or contractor can also be a good way to continue work whilst searching for a permanent candidate.

3. Save time and money

The cost of hiring temporary workers or contractors can be cheaper in the short term than the cost of hiring permanent employees, especially to fulfil specialist needs that aren’t required long term.

It also opens up other avenues for qualified candidates that can't work full time and are only looking for temporary or short term job opportunities. They may have some great skills but do not fit into the often expected 9-5 hours but can add true value to your business. 

It is important not to overload your current staff with too many additional responsibilities for the long term as this will quite possibly created a myriad of other issues, none of which are positive.

When you employ an agency like Titan Recruitment, we become the temporary worker’s employer and are responsible for recruiting, screening, testing, and hiring workers; payroll expenses, taxes, insurance, and paperwork. Particularly for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) this may be an effective way to deliver key projects without putting pressure on your organisation through additional staffing requirements. If you want to explore the benefits of contract or temporary staff, reach out to Suzi Johnson in the Infrastructure and Building team at Titan Recruitment.


A range of sponsorship packages are available to support the ongoing activities of Consult Australia and FutureNet. If you are interested in these or to promote your business through our regular newsletter get in contact with Diane Dowdell

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