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WA Election

With the state election set for Saturday 13 March 2021, we have developed our policy platform covering the areas of people, procurement, pipeline and practice. We are seeking to discuss the platform with key Ministers and Shadow Ministers in the lead up to the election. We have also developed a handy snapshot of the platform.

16 February 2021

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Consult Australia has recently submitted a response to the WA Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) consultation paper proposing changes to the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 to allow for the registration of building engineers and to introduce a code of conduct for engineers. Consistent with our advocacy in other states and territories, Consult Australia is pushing for a consistent national approach to registration to reduce the burden on members working across jurisdictions. We are in discussions with the Australian Build Codes Board's BCR Framework Implementation Team that is looking to develop a national approach. We are also meeting with the federal Deregulation Taskforce noting their focus on occupational mobility.

Consult Australia’s submission can be accessed here.



Submission on novel Debarment Regime

The WA Treasury, as part of its broader procurement reform agenda released a proposed Debarment Regime for consultation. The regime would give the government the power to debar suppliers for between two and five years. This is a novel approach for Australia – no other state or territory has introduced such a scheme. We have made a submission on the regime stressing the concerns we have in relation to suspension during an investigation and a lack of clarity on review rights. We have also raised how potentially the application of the regime to ‘affiliates’ (defined broadly within the proposed regime) might capture the commercial arrangements consultants are part of on major infrastructure projects (such as join ventures and alliancing).

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COVID-19 Recovery Housing & construction Roundtable

In June 2020, Consult Australia participated in the WA Government's COVID-19 Recovery Housing & Construction Ministerial Roundtable to discuss the impacts of the pandemic and ways to support the state's recovery. The roundtable engagement has been summarised by the government in a Summary Report with a number of the ideas being incorporated into the WA Recovery Plan.

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IWA Stronger Tomorrow

Stronger Tomorrow – Development of a WA State Infrastructure Strategy

Infrastructure WA recently released their discussion paper to facilitate input on the development of the inaugural State Infrastructure Strategy (SIS). The WA SIS is integral to informing future priorities and planning undertaken by state government agencies and government trading enterprises. The Strategy will focus on both infrastructure projects and programs as well as non-build solutions such as policy, regulatory, pricing, technology, procurement, skills and governance.  

Consult Australia undertook dedicated consultation sessions in the development of the response to the Discussion Paper. The submission can be found here

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