We have made a submission on the Department of Justice and Community Safety's consultation on the proposed fees for the upcoming Professional Engineers Registration Scheme. Our submission seeks further clarity on registration impacts between jurisdictions and multiple disciplines - advocating for a 'one fee, one registration' approach. 

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30-year Infrastructure Plan

We have made a submission on Infrastructure Victoria's draft 30-year Infrastructure Strategy suggesting an expanded scope. Infrastructure delivery and industry capability are key factors in achieving Victoria’s priorities. The strategy provides an opportunity to highlight the link between the desired outcomes and the 'how' which includes; procurement practices and models, capability, capacity, and culture, visibility of the pipeline and use of technology.

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Construction Supplier Register

Many of our members are currently experiencing issues with pre-qualification requirements relating to the directors of businesses under Victoria’s CSR – see our members only brief on the issue here. We are urging prompt action from the government to address this unnecessary impact on our members. Let James know if your business is impacted or to hear more about our current campaign.



Professional engineers registration

The Victorian Government has released further details and guidelines on implementation arrangements for the new Professional Engineers Registration Scheme which will commence for some disciplines in July this year. This information is available on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website here. Please let James know if you have any questions on the new scheme.



2020-21 State Budget

We have prepared a members only briefing note on the 2020-21 State Budget (available here - log on required). Infrastructure and measures to attract more investments in the built environment was a feature in this year's budget. See our media release on how the budget we believe the budget will help sure up our industry's pipeline of work here. Let James know if you have any questions on the budget.

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Striving  for Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Tender Deadlines Campaign

We are currently undertaking a mental health campaign which focuses on raising awareness to clients in our industry about employee impacts from onerous tender deadlines through the end of year period and a traditional shutdown for many in our industry. Let James know if you have a client that you would like us to share our campaign material with.

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DTF & MTIA procurement review into mega transport projects

See our submission to the Department of Treasury and Finance and the Major Transport Infrastructure Authority's review into procurement arrangements for mega transport infrastructure projects. We highlight the importance of taking a 'business-case like' approach to a project's procurement strategy, with greater accountability and transparency in the procurement model decision.


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Engineers registration scheme

See our submission on the Victorian Government's consultation on the implementation of the Professional Engineers Registration Scheme.  We highlight the need for a scheme with minimal regulatory burdens on businesses, particularly in the current environment, and flag the need for national consistency. 

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CSR issues

We recently sent a letter to the Victorian Government on issues facing members from how the Construction Supplier Register is administered, and recent changes in this administrative approach. Our letter also included a briefing on possible ways to address these concerns. Please contact James if you have any questions - we also have a members-only briefing on pre-qualification requirements that you may wish to share with clients if you are experiencing related issues.

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MRPV Design Consultants - Key Commercial Principles

See our submission to the Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) consultation on key commercial principles for design consultants and MRPV's new program delivery approach. We raise concerns about limits of liability, fitness for purpose and non-fault based indemnities, amongst others.




We have prepared a submission outlining recommendations for upcoming Victorian state budget and ongoing efforts to stimulate the economy.  COVID-19 impacts on Victorians have been truly unprecedented, and our recommendations emphasise the important role that the infrastructure and built environment industry can play in recovery efforts.  Let James know if you have any questions.

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CLarity on CSR for Sub-consultants

In a recent meeting with the Department of Treasury and Finance, the government confirmed that sub-consultants are not expected to be included on the Construction Supplier Register (CSR). The purpose of the CSR is to pre-qualify only the lead practitioners as suppliers to the Victorian Government for public construction. If your business is being required by a government client to be on the CSR where either you are a sub-consultant or for disciplines not linked to public construction please let Kristy know.




Victorian members should be aware that the Victorian Government has introduced a new workers permit scheme in response to stage four restrictions in Melbourne. From Thursday 6 August (inclusive), employers must issue a permit to employees that they require to attend a workplace such as a construction site. Employees must carry this permit when travelling to and from a workplace, with photo identification.  Further information on the scheme, including employer eligibility, is available here

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Victorian Recovery Taskforce

We have met with Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce to discuss the role of consultants in the economic recovery from COVID-19. The Taskforce was set up to identify and accelerate priority projects to ensure both short and long-term jobs. The Victorian Government has announced the fast tracking of over $1.2 billion for building and development projects. The Taskforce has identified the latest major projects to receive approvals.

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Seeking mutual registration for engineers

In 2019, the Victorian parliament passed the Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 and is working on developing the regulations to enact the scheme. Consult Australia advocates for mutual registration - a nationally consistent approach is necessary to reduce the burden on businesses that operate across state and territory borders. We are also in discussions with the Australian Building Codes Board's BCR Framework Implementation Team who is developing a national approach. In addition we are meeting with the federal Deregulation Taskforce that is focussed on occupational mobility. 

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Wellness in Infrastructure

Consult Australia has been invited to sit on the Wellness in Infrastructure Steering Committee. This committee, which meets monthly, represents the construction sector. Members include; Engineers Australia, Roads Australia, Swinburne University, MTIA, Lang O’Rourke, Lend Lease, John Holland, Decmil, McConnell Dowell, Downer, CPB, and Civilex.




See our submission on the Victorian Royal Commission into the mental health system. Our response focused on workplace matters, and shared a copy of our recent report on the topic. An improved understanding of mental health, reduced stigmas, and an approach focused on prevention were key issues flagged.


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