Head of Policy and Government Relations

Kristy Eulenstein

Consult Australia is currently recruiting for a SA & NT Manager – in the interim Kristy is available for support.

Kristy joined Consult Australia in July 2019, and in July 2021 accepted the role of Head of Policy and Government Relations. She has responsibility for developing the strategic policy and advocacy priorities with our CEO and leading our team of policy and stakeholder engagement professionals to deliver these priorities nationwide.

With over 15 years in the public service Kristy knows how to get government moving, having delivered high-profile policy and regulatory initiatives involving significant stakeholder engagement on a topics such as gambling, online content, and broadcasting. Kristy is legally trained and enjoys delving into complex legal problems. In her spare time Kristy sews, watches films, enjoys live music and looks forward to seeing her Rabbitohs win more NRL premierships.


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