Kristine Banks


Kristine Banks

Kristine joined Consult Australia as QLD Manager in January 2021, bringing over 18 years' experience in stakeholder engagement, strategy, policy development and project management. 

Working with government stakeholders including QLD Treasury, Transport and Main Roads and Energy and Public Works, Kristine advocates for better government contracts. Consult Australia also continues its joint initiative with the Queensland Major Contractors Association to improve the culture of the construction industry to prioritise collaboration.  

Kristine is keen to understand more about the challenges and opportunities members providing services to QLD face. Please contact her to talk through any of your issues.


For more information about any of our policy activities in QLD, contact Kristine at:

For more information about any of our QLD events, click 'VIEW QLD EVENTS' below or contact our events and marketing team at:  or on 02 8252 6700.

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The QLD Committee gives members the opportunity to develop strategies to tackle local issues as well as contribute to the national agenda. Committee participants are often called upon to represent Consult Australia in local engagement activities (including meetings with government agencies etc). The list of current QLD Committee participants is available on our roundtables, committees & forums page.

To help the broader membership understand the activities of the QLD Committee, the three key issues discussed last meeting were:

  1. FutureNet – The QLD Committee is looking forward to supporting FutureNet throughout the year.
  2. Planning – The QLD Committee confirmed its 2023 action plan which includes targeted engagement across Government.
  3. Engagement – The QLD Committee noted the meeting with Directors-General in December 2022 and identified issues, opportunities and actions across areas of productivity, people, pipeline, procurement, resources sector and digital.


What the FutureNet Brisbane Committee does

The FutureNet Brisbane Committee gives young professionals the opportunity to design and run engaging social and educational events that allow their peers to develop valuable networks. The Committee is open to members and non-members. The FutureNet Brisbane Committee Chair also participates in the QLD Committee. The FutureNet Brisbane Committee meets monthly and requires engaged individuals willing to create and deliver engaging events.

Current participants

Below is the list of current FutureNet Brisbane Committee participants. Want to get involved? Contact Linda Gaunt

Name Business
Ella Hingston (Chair) Stantec
Aaron Argent Norman Disney & Young
Amelia Salter Deloitte
Devika Krishnan Arup
Elias Karimi (Vice-Chair) SMEC
Gemma Galloway Minter Ellison
Grace Power Cross River Rail Delivery Authority
Heather Worthing Holding Redlich
Lily Fisher ConnellGriffin
Matt King Talent Web