Jan Irvine

Jan joined Consult Australia in December 2009, with a background in finance, IT, recruitment, event management and advocacy, bringing with her the knowledge and experience gained by working in both non-profit and corporate organisations in a number of executive and management positions.

Having represented our members providing services to the NT since 2009, Jan is well connected to the public and private sector stakeholders in the region. Jan facilitates the connection of business to Government and business to business to address critical business issues.

Jan is always willing to hear more about the challenges and opportunities members providing services to the NT face. Please contact her to talk through any of your issues.


For more information about any of our policy activities in the NT, click 'LATEST NEWS' below or contact Jan at: jan@consultaustralia.com.au or on 0408 845 975.

For more information about any of our NT events, click 'VIEW NT EVENTS' below or contact our events and marketing team at: info@consultaustralia.com.au or on 02 8252 6700.

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What the NT Committee does

The NT Committee gives members the opportunity to develop strategies to tackle local issues as well as contribute to the national agenda. Committee participants are often called upon to represent Consult Australia in local engagement activities (including meetings with government agencies etc). The NT Committee meets monthly and requires engaged individuals.

Latest 'top 3 takeaways'

The 'top 3 takeaways' summarise key issues discussed at the last meeting. These are to help the broader membership understand the activities of the NT Committee.

  1. Engagement - NT members will meet with Shaun Drabsch, CEO of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade at a Boardroom Breakfast on 17 November. Discussions are expected to include an overview of DITT priorities, the PI insurance market and procurement.
  2. COVID-19 – The Committee discussed the rapid changes to COVID restrictions following outbreaks in remote indigenous communities. Members need to keep up to date with these restrictions when looking to work in these areas. 
  3. Focus on insurance - The Consult Australia / DIPL Working Group meeting held on 4 November focused on our current priority issue of the insurance market. With PI insurance increasingly difficult to secure - across engineering businesses increasing in premiums are at 20% increases pa, and for hotspots such as structural engineering the increases vary wildly from 20% to 200% - consultants are feeling the pinch. A double whammy sees these premium increases at the same time the coverage is decreasing by way of new exclusions, increased excesses, and reduced limits. DIPL advised it was investigating the issue and that there is room for flexibility, and alternative conditions of contract can be considered. 
Current participants

Below is the list of current NT Committee participants. Want to get involved? Contact Jan Irvine.

NameMember Business
Christina Bruno (Chair)Tonkin
Paul Turyn (Deputy Chair)SLR Consulting
Anthony BaleAECOM
Clint TevlinAurecon
Stephen JacksonDouglas Partners
Andrew SaxelbyGHD
Craig SandersJacobs
Raza Malik / Anthony GianniniMLEI Consulting Engineers
Arthur Psaltis (Consult Australia Board representative)Pritchard Francis
Jaswant DeoRP Project Management
Julie McDowellSLR Consulting
Paul LassemillanteRider Levett Bucknall
Meriel Corbett-WeirSMEC 

More information

If you would like to find out more about the activities in the NT or to join one of the committees, please contact Jan Irvine, NT Manager at: jan@consultaustralia.com.au



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