New statutory duty of care

The NSW parliament has passed the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020. Many of the obligations in the Act cannot be realised until supporting regulations are made. However, the statutory duty of care within the Act is in force now. Any member undertaking work on buildings in NSW should make themselves aware of the statutory duty. Please let us know if you face any claims relying on this duty.



New Briefing Note on OC Audits

From 1 September 2020, under the Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Act 2020 the NSW Building Commissioner can conduct building audits and issue stop work orders – including for a defect that is attributable to a design. The NSW Building Commissioner will stop the issuing of an occupation certificate where satisfied that the building is non-compliant. Members involved in building design should read our NSW OC Building Audits Briefing Note to understand the audit process and get tips on managing their contractual obligations. 



WaterNSW keen to hear consultant feedback

We met with WaterNSW to discuss COVID-19 impacts and risk. WaterNSW is committed to making its pipeline of projects as transparent as possible. The agency is holding pre-tender industry briefings and values the advice provided in that forum. WaterNSW is happy to engage with Consult Australia, especially where we can advise of common concerns held by members. It was noted that WaterNSW are developing standardised contracts, to be released online shortly.

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NSW School Curriculum Review

See our submission to the NSW Curriculum Review Interim Report. Our response highlights the link between skill shortages in our industry and the need for strong performance and participation outcomes from STEM education curriculum. We encourage the NSW Government to consider opportunities to incorporate industry experiences into STEM education curriculum. 


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