ACT Manager

Jan Irvine

Jan joined Consult Australia in December 2009, with a background in finance, IT, recruitment, event management and advocacy, bringing with her the knowledge and experience gained by working in both non-profit and corporate organisations in a number of executive and management positions.

Responsible for achieving Consult Australia’s business strategy and representing its member businesses from SA, NT and TAS and from December 2020 the ACT on a wide range of issues, Jan facilitates the connection of business to Government and business to business - working with government at both state and federal level, collaborating with numerous Built and Natural Environment stakeholders. She strives to address critical business issues and improve the business environment in which our member firms work.


For more information about any of our activities or to get involved, contact us at:

e: act@consultaustralia.com.au

p: 0408 845 975

ACT events




What the ACT Committee does

The ACT Committee gives members the opportunity to develop strategies to tackle local issues as well as contribute to the national agenda. Committee participants are often called upon to represent Consult Australia in local engagement activities (including meetings with government agencies etc). The ACT Committee meets monthly and requires engaged individuals.

Latest 'top 3 takeaways'

The 'top 3 takeaways' summarise key issues discussed at the last meeting. These are to help the broader membership understand the activities of the ACT Committee.

  1. Proposed Government-Industry secondment program. The Committee discussed and generally supported the invitation by the ACT Chief Engineer to participate in a three-way secondment program for graduates involving consultants, government and contractors.
  2. ACT 2020 Election Policy Platform. The Committee discussed finalisation of the policy platform which will be distributed to stakeholders soon.
  3. PACICERG. The Committee discussed ensuring that the Planning and Construction Industry Chief Executive Reference Group (PACICERG) focuses on industry updates (including health of the local industry).
Current participants

Below is the list of current ACT Committee participants. Want to get involved? Contact Jan Irvine.

NameMember business
Michael Hill (Chair)AECOM
David Field (Deputy Chair)Northrop
James Logan Arup
Dylan Coote (alternate)Arup
James CollettAurecon
Mark Perry Cardno
Michael Jones Douglas Partners
Carl Jenkins GHD
William Grice Jacobs
Paul McKenzie Rudds
Dan Keep SMEC
What the FutureNet ACT Committee does

The FutureNet ACT Committee gives young professionals the opportunity to design and run engaging social and educational events that allow their peers to develop valuable networks. The Committee is open to members and non-members. The FutureNet ACT Committee meets monthly and requires engaged individuals willing to create and deliver engaging events.

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Current participants

Below is the list of current FutureNet ACT Committee participants. Want to get involved? Contact Jan Irvine.

Name Business
Rebecca Parrish (Chair) GHD
William Bassanelli (Vice Chair) Northrop
Emily Gentilini  Arup
John Sutcliffe Cardno
Hannah Griffiths  Department of Defence
Kayla McClung  Hays
Haris Hussain  Indesco
Liam Wilson Michael Page
Liam Blight Spiire

More information

If you would like to find out more about the activities in ACT or apply to join one of the committees, please contact Jan Irvine, ACT Manager at act@consultaustralia.com.au.