Alison Kirk

NSW & ACT Manager

Alison Kirk

Alison represents the interests of members and exercises the influence of Consult Australia to bring about positive change in ACT. She is responsible for fostering productive relationships with key stakeholders across government and industry and working with the rest of the Consult Australia team on member initiatives. This includes with Major Projects Canberra and Environment, Planning & Sustainable Development Directorate.

Alison has extensive senior executive experience in the public, corporate and not-for-profit sectors across finance, government and infrastructure. She brings a strong hands-on understanding of stakeholder engagement, governance, strategy and advocacy. Alison is a collaborative leader who delivers results. She is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Alison is always willing to hear more about the challenges and opportunities members providing services to ACT face. Please contact her to talk through any of your issues.


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What the ACT Committee does

The ACT Committee gives members the opportunity to develop strategies to tackle local issues as well as contribute to the national agenda. Committee participants are often called upon to represent Consult Australia in local engagement activities (including meetings with government agencies etc). The ACT Committee meets monthly and requires engaged individuals.

Latest 'top 3 takeaways'

The 'top 3 takeaways' summarise key issues discussed at the last meeting. These are to help the broader membership understand the activities of the ACT Committee.

  1. Pipeline - Resourcing and planning the pipeline of talent for the ACT continues to provide a challenge. The committee have mapped out actions to engage with government, educators and industry partners to highlight the issue further.
  2. Planning - Event planning for 2022 is now well underway to provide our ACT members with opportunities to learn, connect and network.
  3. Engagement - Industry engagement on a wider level will be stepped up. We know working with like-minded organisations is key to ‘share the load’ and create a louder voice.
Current participants

Below is the list of current ACT Committee participants. Want to get involved? Contact Alison Kirk.

Name Member business
James Collett (Chairperson) Aurecon
David Field (Vice Chair) Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
Karen Billington AECOM
Dylan Coote Arup
Karen Duck Cardno
Michael Jones Douglas Partners Pty Ltd
Michelle Golafshan Douglas Partners Pty Ltd
William Bassanelli Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
Carl Jenkins GHD
William Grice  Jacobs
Paul McKenzie Rudds
Dan Keep SMEC
What the FutureNet ACT Committee does

The FutureNet ACT Committee gives young professionals the opportunity to design and run engaging social and educational events that allow their peers to develop valuable networks. The Committee is open to members and non-members. The FutureNet ACT Committee meets monthly and requires engaged individuals willing to create and deliver engaging events.

Check out what FutureNet ACT are up to by following them on Facebook!

Current participants

Below is the list of current FutureNet ACT Committee participants. Want to get involved? Contact Linda Gaunt.

Name Business
William Bassanelli (Chair) Northrop
Alexina Spinks Arup
Amin Nazzal Spring Professional
Kiara Crook GHD Pty Ltd
Molly Fredle GHD Pty Ltd
Tim Murphy Cardno Pty Ltd
Tom Willburger Spiire
Vanessa Lim AECOM Australia Pty Ltd

More information

If you would like to find out more about the activities in ACT or apply to join one of the committees, please contact Alison Kirk, NSW & ACT Manager at  

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