Consult Australia Male Champions of Change

Male Champions of Change
CEOs and regional Managing Directors of some of Consult Australia’s premier member firms have signed the Charter of the Consult Australia Male Champions of Change. To bring about change within the upper echelons of the built environment consulting industry would be a significant step in advancing equality in this traditional and male dominated world and these business leaders are taking a big step together.

The Charter commits the signatories to actively advance equality across their businesses and to act as advocates for the consulting industry. They believe that this is important because the talents of employees with broad experiences in their professional and personal lives deliver productivity, problem solving and business success dividends.

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2017 Male Champions of Change Report

Consult Australia Male Champions of Change Progress Reports


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Todd Battley

Todd Battley
AECOM - Chief Executive Officer, Australia and New Zealand

It’s a privilege to stand with leaders from our peer firms in committing to real change across our industry.  My hope is that, in coming years, we won’t require a focus on gender diversity, such as it will become just a normal part of doing business.

Greg Steele
Arcadis - CEO Australia Pacific

I am a Champion because I truly believe that diversity leads to better business outcomes and women are under-represented in the leadership ranks within our industry.

Peter Chamley

Peter Chamley
Arup - Chair and Chief Executive Officer - Australasia Region

I am delighted to be a Champion as it provides the opportunity to be part of a group committed to making fundamental, long lasting change to the diversity of our industry. For far too long we have not represented the full range of talent in our society, but now is the time for us to correct that position. We need to continue to take action to create an inclusive and flexible environment that attracts, develops and provides career paths for all, not just for the male half of our population.  

William Cox
Aurecon - Managing Director - Australia & New Zealand

The Champions of Change program is all about promoting and developing the best leadership and talent for our industry. It is the smart thing to do in the best interests of the long-term future of the consulting industry in Australia. It starts at the top and is a fundamental change we must achieve.

Craig Lee
Craig Lee
Beca - Managing Director - Australia

Increasing diversity in the workplace is not just the problem of the under-represented to solve. If we’re going to see real change, and diversity of thought and innovation in the workplace, the over-represented need to stand up and get behind the cause to champion this change. I have seen the change in behaviour and attitude towards women in the workplace improve steadily over the last two decades (albeit from a very low base), but sadly we still have a long way to go if workplace diversity is to become business as usual. So I look forward to a time where our roles as Champions of Change are a thing of the past. Until then, I’m proud to represent Beca as we work to bring about meaningful diversity and equity in our sector.
Peter Massey

Peter Massey
Calibre - Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

I am committed to creating a sustainable legacy on gender diversity and I believe gender diversity and inclusion needs to be placed firmly on every CEO agenda.

A gender diverse talent pipeline is in my view essential to access the breadth of thinking, innovation and leadership agility required for businesses to succeed and thrive in today’s environment. We need to take forward steps to ensure that we are, not only removing barriers, but also creating opportunities for women to take on engineering roles, develop and progress within engineering companies, and lead the engineering sector into the future.

Ian Ball

Ian Ball
Cardno - Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

I’ve joined the network because I strongly believe in the value gender balance and equality can deliver to business and our industry more widely. It just makes common sense. Different perspectives, management styles and ideas brought about by a more diverse workplace not only improves company culture but also reflects what our clients are looking for in their advisors.

I recognise we still have work to do, and I’m looking forward to learning more in this space and sharing Cardno’s programs including the work we’ve done with our industry-leading parental leave program, with our peers.

Will Wright
Douglas Partners - Managing Director

Throughout my life I have been positively influenced by strong female role models, including my wife Liz who is an environmental engineer. I recognise and value the positive contributions made from the increasing number of  female engineers and scientists in Douglas Partners and I’m determined to see their footprint increase, especially in leadership, where they have so much to offer.

Phil Duthie
GHD - General Manager - Australia

I have had the experience of achieving business outcomes through a gender diverse leadership team. In addition as a father of two professional women I am passionate about addressing potential impediments to them realising their career aspirations.

Patrick Hill

Patrick Hill
Jacobs - Senior Vice President & General Manager APACME, Buildings & Infrastructure

Being a Champion of Change allows me to join with a collective of my peers – in a position of influence – to advance inclusion in our industry, particularly with regards to gender equality. The opportunity to share best practices and make commitments in front of our peers is a critical element of accelerating towards the positive change that we all agree is required. At a personal level, I want to see my three pre-teenage girls grow up with the opportunity to fulfil their potential when they reach the workforce. Driving towards greater inclusion and a level playing field.

Jamie Shelton

Jamie Shelton
Northrop - Chief Executive Officer

I’ve joined the CAMCC because as a privileged individual I feel a strong obligation to help the construction industry transform through the inclusion of women in all roles and professions. Personally, I owe much to my mother and wife for where I am today. These two women not only led by example, their support was instrumental in my development as a leader. Two important tenets of Northrop culture are that we “provide opportunity” and that we “develop people to their full potential”. I’m committed to bringing about change such that this is as true for women as it has been for men, and I’m excited to learn how such diversity and inclusion will make a better Northrop.

Matthew Harris
Rider Levett Bucknall - Managing Director

This is such an important issue for our industry and profession. My goal is to be part of a group that can facilitate change; not only at the grassroots but also in schools and universities across Australia where we can start by growing the talent pool for future senior positions. I know I can be part of changing the ‘Now’ but through education and accountability I hope to create a better future for women looking to choose our industry as their profession.

Paul Gardiner
Paul Gardiner
SLR Consulting - Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand and Asia Pacific Regional Manager

I am a Champion of Change because I want to see greater gender diversity across our sector and at all levels within our businesses.  Achieving this will require leadership and commitment. I have experienced the benefits of gender diversity in business and want to contribute towards achieving this more broadly for our sector, our business, and more personally to ensure my two young daughters will have the same opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to have been provided.

James Phillis

James Phillis
SMEC - Chief Executive Officer - Australia & New Zealand

It is essential that our industry reflect our society, its make-up and its needs, and a key component of this is gender diversity. As an industry, we play a key role in ensuring best practice in the built and natural environment. A proper balance in gender diversity is vital to achieving both better business and better societal outcomes. Beyond that, I firmly believe that it’s just the right thing to do. Both SMEC values, and my own personal values, do not align with any idea that half of our population could be excluded from contributing to our societal development.

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