CEO Conference Program

2019 Working Program

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Pre Conference – Tuesday 19 February 2019      

6pm Attendee Networking Dinner (informal)
Bopp & Tone
60 Carrington Street, Sydney

Leaders Conference Program

Day 1 - Wednesday 20 February 2019


Time Session Speakers
8:45 Welcome and Introduction Kisanne Dulin, COO, Consult Australia
  Setting the scene  

Economic outlook
The Australia building and infrastructure markets continue to evolve and reform. In this session Consult Australia will launch our 2019 Economic Forecast Report and its author will present an overview of the key markets to look out for from a forecaster’s perspective.

Geordan Murray, Acting Principal Economist, HIA & Australian Construction Insights

Political Update
Starting with an around the country view of the current political environment in each state and territory and at a federal level including discussion on upcoming elections, party positions and headline policy matters.
We will then move on to more broadly look at the currently political environment in key locations around the globe.

There will be time for questions!

Simon Banks, Hawker Britton
Matthew Hingerty, Barton Deakin

Facilitator: Nicola Grayson, CEO, Consult Australia

10:20 CMAA Michael Koungras, Chair of CMAA Technical Committee/ Austral Masonry
10:30 Morning Tea
  Diversity in action  
11:00 The “I” word – it’s time to dance
It has been said that “diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance” so how do we make sure we are doing both in our workplaces and make the move from Diversity to Diversity and Inclusion.

Mark Henaway, Associate Infrastructure, Aurecon
Phillip Truong, Traffic and Transport Engineers, Jacobs

Facilitator: Coleen MacKinnon, Principal, Inclusivity Quotient (InQ)

11:40 Male Champions of Change report
The Consult Australia Male Champions or Change continues to move from strength to strength with major milestones being reached in the past year. In this session, CAMCC Chairman will provide and update on both our progress and the vision of what is still to come.
Patrick Hill, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Jacobs

Generational change—finding the opportunities in the challenges
Diversity comes in many forms, and one of those is age! With four generations currently in the workforce – how do we go beyond acknowledging (and complaining about) the differences in work style to maximise the potential these differences offer? (cross generational teaming/reverse mentoring etc).

Presentation: Caroline McGuire, HR Specialist and Coach, Clariti Consulting


Jasleen Kaur, Power Engineer, Beca
Scott Watson, Managing Director, Lindsay Dynan
James Phillis, CEO, SMEC

Facilitator: Jan Irvine, Director State Operations | Manager SA/NT, Consult Australia

1:00 Lunch
  Future focus  

What clients want… being a ‘Model Consultant’
We’ve put it out there and told the world what we think a ‘model client’ looks like so it’s only fair that they get their say in return!

Craig Laslett, Chief Executive Office Engineering & Services Australia, LendLease
Danny Chung, National Segment Head – Built Environment, Business Banking, Macquarie Bank

Phill Scott, IACCM Fellow PRIProb, Head of Tendering and Contracts, NSW Local Government Procurement

Facilitator: Kiri Parr, President, Consult Australia


Technological innovation (again…)
With technology continuing to bring about rapid change in all aspects of life, there is no question that our businesses need to continue to evolve too – we look at what’s coming down the pipeline for us as an industry and take a closer look at how some are positioning to embrace it.

Bill Simpson-Young, CEO, Gradient Institute

Brett Casson, Global Digital Leader, Autodesk
Asha Cugati, Vice President Account Management, Mastercard

Lilia Christofi, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Facilitator: Nicola Grayson, CEO, Consult Australia

3:40 Afternoon tea

Putting infrastructure in its “place”

Like livability and sustainability, place is an ensemble concept. With the nature of a place dependant on both physical and social characteristics, it is distinguished by its people, markets, governments, and institutions, as much as it is by its physical landscape and natural resources, transportation systems, buildings, and boundaries. How much this will affect our industry in the future in not yet know but is something we will explore from varying perspectives during this session...

Kirsten Sawyers, CEO, RedR
Jenny Donovan, Principal, Inclusive Design
Jonathan Cartledge, Head of Public Affairs & Membership, Green Building Council of Australia
Dr Mark Diesendorf, Honorary Associate Professor, School of Humanities & Languages, UNSW Sydney

Facilitator: Kisanne Dulin, COO, Consult Australia

5:25 Day one close Kiri Parr, President, Consult Australia
5:30 Cocktail Function - Luna Park (Palais Room) Gerry Doyle, Vice President, Consult Australia


Day 2 - Thursday 21 February 2019



Time Session Speakers
8:55 Welcome Kiri Parr, President, Consult Australia
  Leading for the future  
9:00 Leading through disruption
If disruption is change and culture stops change from happening, then it stands to reason that to make change—and successfully deal with disruption—we need to understand our culture… In this session Steve will provide insights into workplace cultures and practically explore ways for leaders to not only get a fix on their prevailing culture but also create shared ownership in an aspirational one!
Steve Simpson, Director, Keystone Management Services

Systematic Inventive Thinking
Thinking disruptively in a world of disruption. We look at how you can use this method to think disruptively and skill up to innovate more efficiently using the resources you already have.

Rachel Audige, Brand Expansion & Inventive Thinking

Engaging Followers
Leaders are only ever as effective as their ability to engage followers. Without followership, leadership is nothing… so does it therefore follow that a good leader should also know how to be a good follower?

Dr Neryl East, Neryl East Communication

11:00 Morning tea  

Mentor, Coach or Sponsor?
All three have a role to play and are excellent tools for growing (and leading) leaders, so what’s the difference and how do you know which one you are best to be, to who and when?

Sally Foley-Lewis, People & Productivity


Consult Australia Male Champions of Change
Meeting and lunch for CAMCC participants.


Going for the 90%—bringing it all together!
They say when you are learning, you retain 5% of what you hear, 10% of what you read, 20% from audio visual presentations, 30% from demonstrations, 50% of what you actively discuss, 75% of what you practice and 90% from teaching or immediate use…So on that basis we are going to apply the mornings content on some scenarios!

Kim Seeling Smith, CEO, Ignite Global

1:00 Lunch (Non-CAMCC)
  Mental Health  

Keynote Address: The connection advantage
To gain an advantage in life and in business the most important skill you need to develop is connection. Yet we are never taught the skills that enable us to connect deeply with one another, our clients or our purpose.

Organisations that truly can connect at these three levels are able to flourish and deal with change, complexity and uncertainty.

Kamal Sarma, Director, Rezilium

3:00 Afternoon tea  

Reality Bites – the impact of mental health in the workplace
We will discuss the Consult Australia “Striving for Mentally Healthy Workplaces” report which was released in October and further explore the area of mental health in the workplace through real life examples and case studies that focus on ‘best practice’ and the tools available to manage these issues both professionally and personally to provide optimal outcomes for all involved.

Ross Jones, Vice President and Executive Director-Strategic Growth-APAC and Middle East, Jacobs
Mark Bruzzone, Managing Director Australia & New Zealand, Stantec
Gerry Doyle, CEO, Tonkin Consulting and Chair of the Consult Australia Mental Health Working Group

James Robertson, Policy Advisor, Consult Australia 


The future of Mental Health
With the success of our firms, and our ability to deliver the infrastructure of tomorrow, dependant on the wellbeing of our people—physically and mentally—we look at the significant stigmas that still exist across society and how these can limit our ability to create open and supportive work environments, and the need for industry, governments and the public to work together to remove them.

Georgie Harman, CEO, Beyond Blue

5:00 Conference Close Nicola Grayson, CEO, Consult Australia



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