Policy Pulse June 2022 - Election Special

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Seeking SME participants to help finalise the development of return to work resources

The Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA), a research unit at the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, working in partnership with Safe Work Australia, are seeking managers or owners of Small and Medium Businesses to participate in a one-hour online interview. 

BETA are seeking views to help develop materials for managers to use when supporting an employee to return to work after an illness or injury. All responses will be kept confidential, and results will be anonymised so businesses and individuals will not be able to be identified. BETA are offering a $150 gift card following the interview for your time. 

For further information, or to register your interest in participating in the research, access the screener here. If you are eligible, BETA will contact you to organise an interview time. If you have any questions, please contact beta@pmc.gov.au

23 June 2022

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    The NSW budget focuses on investment in infrastructure, people and business.

    Click here to read our summary of the NSW Budget 2022-23.

    23 June 2022

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      The Queensland budget focuses on investing in capital to create more jobs and deliver better services. The budget also provides measures to support small and medium businesses across traditional and emerging sectors.

      Click here to read the summary of Queensland Budget 2022-23.

      23 June 2022

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        The NSW government under the Infrastructure Traineeship Program is calling for employers in the infrastructure and construction industry to host a trainee for 8 months.

        The traineeship is a 2-year program which commenced in February 2022 focusing on boosting the professional experience of Year 12 school leavers interested in office-based infrastructure and construction roles. The employer’s role involves mentoring, supporting and giving in-depth experience for trainees to see projects through from planning to delivery. 

        Click here to read more and register.

        23 June 2022

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          Industry Health Check


          Consult Australia’s latest Industry Health Check – Pulse Survey Results is now available, providing a snapshot of member sentiment and confidence in the current market.

          The results show an upturn in work across the industry but there are significant challenges especially in relation to people and professional indemnity insurance. We see on average salary increases of around 20%, insurance premium rises of 11-30% yet fees to clients do not match those rises.

          Consult Australia will be sending this message to clients, to ensure that the rising costs in the consulting sector are considered alongside the rising material and supply costs experienced by constructors. This is in addition to our advocacy work on skilled migration, education and PI insurance.

          17 June 2022

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            The Fair Work Commission has handed down the 2022 Annual Wage Review decision:

            • A $40 per week / 5.2% increase to National Minimum Wage (NMW).
            • For all other modern award wage rates, a 4.6% increase or $40 per week, whichever is the higher.

             17 June 2022 




              The University of Queensland is undertaking an anonymous survey seeking input from those involved in and impacted by the residential development industry.

              The survey will ask about the benefits, costs and barriers to increasing residential density in existing built-up areas. The information gathered will assist researchers in understanding if existing planning tools are effective at achieving planning policy goals.

              The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

              Click here to access the survey

                13 June 2022

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                  Talking about mental health

                  Gerry Doyle, Consult Australia's past President, Mental Health Ambassador, and CEO of Tonkin, recently spoke with the Vibrant Lives Podcast and the Crushing it in Construction podcast about mental health challenges and insights. 

                  TRIGGER WARNING: The following podcasts discuss suicide and suicidal ideation.

                  Listen here: 

                  09 June 2022

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                    Infrastructure NSW State Infrastructure Strategy 2022

                    Infrastructure NSW have released a 20-year infrastructure strategy which provides recommendations to the NSW Government on long-term infrastructure priorities. Many of the recommendations align with Consult Australia's policy priorities which we have identified in this brief.

                    Click here to access the NSW State Infrastructure Strategy 2022

                    07 June 2022

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                      Consult Australia and the Australian Constructors Association have partnered to release a series of thought leadership papers to help the industry reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity. The ‘Partnership for Change’ papers provide recommendations to aid the adoption of technology, improve reliance on tender information, streamline design reviews, and for government delivery agencies to lead the way as Model Clients. Members are encouraged to share these with their clients and partners.

                      Download the Partnership for Change papers here:

                      02 June 2022

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                        Consult Australia welcomes the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) recognition of Data Engineers as an emerging occupation in the 2022 ANZSCO update. The ABS intend to assess this occupation along with others considered and develop a set of proposed classification changes during further consultation in late 2022. Consult Australia will continue to monitor updates to the ANZSCO and remains committed to advocating for new and emerging occupations within our industry to be recognised.

                        02 June 2022

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                          Infrastructure NSW have released the State Infrastructure Strategy 2022–2042: Staying Ahead. The Strategy is focused on 9 key objectives and outlines the needs, priorities and recommendations for the next 20 years to enhance productivity and standards of living by:

                          • diversifying the infrastructure investment pipeline
                          • maintaining service reliability in the existing asset base
                          • embedding resilience
                          • harnessing digital technology and
                          • growing partnerships with the private sector.

                          02 June 2022

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                            WA Budget Summary

                            The WA State Budget focuses on creating more jobs, investing in health and infrastructure, as well as further strengthening and diversifying WA's economy to support sustainable long-term growth. 

                            Click here to read our summary of the WA Budget 2022-23.

                              23 May 2022

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                                News Typewriter

                                FIDIC Asia Pacific News

                                The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) Asia Pacific have released the first issue of their refreshed newsletter, providing updates on events and information across the Asia Pacific. 

                                Click here to read the newsletter.

                                  23 May 2022

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                                    FEEDBACK WELCOMED - NSW SUPPLIER INPUT PANEL PROJECT

                                    The NSW Committee has been strongly engaging with NSW Government advocating for more balanced contract terms, fair procurement practices, and removing barriers to doing business in NSW. 

                                    Treasury are inviting feedback on the Supplier Input Panel (SIP) Project through information sessions. Members are encouraged to provide feedback to Consult Australia's NSW Manager, Alison by Friday 3 June 2022.

                                      23 May 2022

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                                        Consult Australia's 2022 Election Priorities

                                        Our 2022 Election Priorities advocate for a healthy and sustainable ecosystem of productive businesses to realise Australia's economic future. Our seven priorities are business driven but people centric and if adopted will deliver benefits for industry, the government and the community.

                                          10 May 2022

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                                            Member resources from SafeWork Australia

                                            Members should note that SafeWork Australia's website is full of resources for employers including:

                                            • COIVD-19 incident notification fact sheet
                                            • guidance on transitioning back to usual workplaces, masks and personal protective equipment
                                            • explaining WHS duties in a contractual chain.

                                            You can access the SafeWork Australia website here.

                                            10 May 2022

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                                            Calling Civil Professional Engineers in Victoria

                                            With civil professional engineers being required to be registered with the government by 1 October 2022, it's time to get ready.

                                            Applications should be lodged with the Business Licensing Authority as soon as possible and by 30 June as the process may take up to 4 months to complete.

                                            Consumer Affairs Victoria have also announced that from 1 January 2022 professional engineers will be covered by automatic mutual recognition, meaning that holders of a current equivalent registration in eligible jurisdictions will be able to rely on automatic mutual recognition to carry on activities in Victoria. For more information visit: consumer.vic.gov.au/AMR 

                                            Be aware that fire safety engineers will be next needing to be registered from 1 December 2022.

                                            For more information on how to register visit: Professional engineers - Consumer Affairs Victoria 

                                            10 May 2022

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                                            Submission to Infrastructure Australia's reports

                                            We welcomed Infrastructure Australia's Delivering Outcomes and Regional Strengths and Infrastructure Gaps reports which highlighted our reform agenda including Model Client.

                                            Consult Australia's submission to Infrastructure Australia's two reports highlighted our key campaigns including thinking smarter about skills, collaboration as culture and digital by default.

                                            10 May 2022

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                                            2022-23 Federal Budget Submission and Summary

                                            Consult Australia's 2022-23 Federal Budget Summary

                                            Read Consult Australia's 2022-23 Federal Budget Summary here. 

                                            We have achieved a good win for small business with the introduction of an amendment to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules that project agencies must, "limit the extent of pre-contract insurance and liability requirements to reflect sufficient risk sharing while not imposing unreasonable or disproportionate risk transfer that unduly restricts the number of suppliers who can bid."

                                            In our media statement here we have welcomed this and the continued spending on infrastructure, however noted our disappointment that the Government hasn't sought to address the underlining barriers to increase productivity in our industry.

                                            Consult Australia's Summary of the Federal Budget Reply 2022

                                            On 31 March 2022, Anthony Albanese delivered the Budget Reply Speech. Highlights which align with our advocacy include investment in infrastructure to improve project outcomes, a focus on employment, skills capacity and training, support for Australia's defence industry, climate change and disaster recovery measures, and reforms for health care. 

                                            Read our summary of the Federal Budget Reply 2022 here.

                                            Consult Australia's 2022-23 Federal Budget Submission

                                            Read Consult Australia's 2022-23 Federal Budget Submission which provided emphasis on the importance of infrastructure and built environment projects for improving our economic prosperity, creating thriving communities, and providing valuable links for people and goods.

                                              In addition, we endorse recommendations proposed by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry including deregulation and regulatory reform, investment, capital deepening and innovation, and employment, skills and training.

                                              25 April 2022

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                                              Richard (Dick) Kell wins the FIDIC Louis Prangey Award presented at the OneConsult Awards for Excellence

                                              The Louis Prangey Award, named after the founding President of FIDIC was established to be presented from time to time to a person who has rendered significant service to the Federation and/or to the profession of independent consulting engineering, and who exemplifies the objectives of the Federation.


                                              Last September, the FIDIC Past Presidents chose Dick Kell to receive FIDIC's most prestigious award, the Prangey Award 2021, which was presented to Dick Kell at Consult Australia’s 2022 OneConsult Awards for Excellence. 


                                              READ MORE


                                              6 April 2022



                                              Consult Australia welcomes the $12.6 billion free-trade arrangement between the Australian and the Indian Government in providing recognition of their architects, engineers and accountants in the following key areas:

                                              • mutual recognition of qualifications;
                                              • licensing; and
                                              • registration procedures between professional services body.

                                              The agreement also considers the post-study rights for the Indian students to live, work and take on further studies in Australia. Upon completion of a certain qualification, they will be allowed work temporarily to a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of four years. The deal also incorporates a huge reduction or elimination of tariffs on certain Australian goods being exported to India and visa to be granted to 1000 young Indians in the form of working holiday in Australia.

                                              Access the full article here.

                                                6 April 2022

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                                                Women in STEM Cadetships and Advanced Apprenticeship Program - 2022

                                                The Women in STEM Cadetships and Advanced Apprenticeship Program round two applications for 2022 have now opened. The program provides an opportunity for up to 600 women to complete industry-relevant pre-bachelor higher education qualification in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM). There are also potential grant funds for participating employers and higher education providers.

                                                For further information visit:

                                                6 April 2022

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