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Latest Pulse update

Have you seen the latest Pulse Update by James and Kristy? They chat about about our Federal Budget Submission. Remember that all past Pulse Updates as well as Policy Chats with guests are available for members on our policy podcast page.

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The results of our second Industry Health Check (September 2020) are available here.  These highlight a slight pick-up in work for some areas since our last survey in May 2020, however the average downturn is still a concern.  The results also highlight significant impacts from the stage 4 business restrictions in Victoria.

21 September 2020

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UPDATED: Avoiding Restrictive Trade Practices

All members are asked to ensure they have made themselves familiar with our Practice Note on Consult Australia Activities and Avoiding Restrictive Trade Practices. We update and circulate this Practice Note regularly to ensure that members are aware of their obligations under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 when participating in Consult Australia activities. Contact Kristy if you have any questions.

14 September 2020



Volunteer Needed - STandards Australia Committee

Know the ins and outs of formwork for concrete? We need you to represent Consult Australia on the Standards Australia committee looking to standardise  the field of construction of formwork and the control of concrete surfaces. Information on the relevant standards are available on the Standards Australia Website. Contact Kristy by 5 October 2020 to register your interest.

14 September 2020



Higher Education Amendment Bill

See our submission for the Australian Senate Education and Employment Committee's inquiry into the Higher Education Support Amendment (Job-Ready and Supporting Regional and Remote Students) Bill 2020.  We raise concerns with the proposed reduction in overall funding per student for degree types such as engineering.

11 September 2020




Are you having any difficulties with the Victorian Construction Supplier Register (CSR)? We are urgently seeking your comments. We are advocating for changes to the CSR and the underlying requirements in the Building Act 1993 (Vic). For example, some businesses are struggling to comply with the requirement to ensure all registration classes are represented on the company board of directors. Victoria's stimulus projects will be at risk without changes to the CSR - the time for action is now. Please contact Kristy now to share your concerns.  

11 September 2020

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On 9 September 2020, we attended an Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) event with the Hon. Ben Morton MP, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister. In his role heading up the Federal Government's deregulation agenda, he is looking for small wins that will make a real difference for business. In addition to occupational mobility and modernising business communications the Assistant Minister wants to hear from industry on the practical and granular examples you have of unnecessary regulation or duplication of effort (especially between the Commonwealth and states/territories). With a business-led response to Australia's economic recovery, now is the time to act. Contact Kristy to talk through ideas on existing barriers and potential red tape reduction.

9 September 2020


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Our new Client Briefing explains the why and how of security/bank guarantee undertakings in contracts including why they are not suitable for a consultancy contract. Members are encouraged to share this with their clients to increase knowledge-sharing. Access the briefing from the members-only Briefing Notes resource.

8 September 2020


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SME Open Forum

Our second SME Open Forum will be on 6 October 2020 - providing direct access to Consult Australia's Board President, CEO and Policy Team. After the success of our first forum we are looking forward to an even stronger attendance to discuss any and all concerns and questions from our SME members. Many thanks to those who participated in our first forumACS Engineers, Gamcorp Structural Engineers, Geo-Environmental Engineering, GML Heritage, HDR, Lateral Property Group, Pritchard Francis and SY Structures.

8 September 2020

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This week we submitted our priorities to the Federal Treasury's consultation on the 2020-21 Budget. We used our submission to emphasis the importance of infrastructure and built environment projects for Australia's economic recovery from COVID-19.  This includes fourteen recommendations across our four policy priorities.  Read our submission here.

28 August 2020

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Insurance Survey by Infrastructure Australia

We strongly encourage members to respond to Infrastructure Australia's survey on access to insurance in the Australian infrastructure sector. They would like input from: construction executives, designers, architects, major suppliers, consulting engineers or other impacted businesses that participate in our industry. The short (2 minute) survey about your current insurance situation – is available via: If you prefer you can contact Tim Mumford or Peter Colacino.  Comments will inform the Australian Infrastructure Plan 2021 and advice to government on the health of the sector. You can also read IA's privacy statement here: 

19 August 2020



Job-ready Graduates Package

See our submission for the Federal Department of Education's consultation on draft legislation to enact proposed university funding reforms. Our primary concern is the potential decline in overall funding per student for a number of degree types related to our industry. We also ask for more information on the proposed National Priorities and Industry Linkage Fund.

18 August 2020

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We have released two new member guides on remote working. The first sumarises guidance for employees and employers on remote working, and also provides tips for individuals and managers. The second provides advice on identifying a colleague who may be struggling when in a remote working environment, and shares tips on providing support. Read them here (members only).

11 August 2020



JobKeeper changes

In response to the continued outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria, the Australian Government has announced further changes to employer and employee eligibility requirements for the JobKeeper 2.0 wage subsidy scheme.  Businesses will now only have to demonstrate the turnover decline for the September, and employees eligible will be based on 1 July (rather than 1 March). Read more here

9 August 2020

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Seeking input - non-conforming bids

Tell Kristy about your experience of non-conforming/non-compliant bids. Consult Australia is drawing together member-experience to identify potential improvements to government procurement. What reason have your business been given to justify a finding that your bid was 'non-confirming'/'non-compliant'? Prior to tender, are you given transparency as to the criteria for determining non-conformance?

7 August 2020



VIC Worker Permit Scheme (COVID-19)

Victorian members should be aware that the Victorian Government has introduced a new workers permit scheme in response to stage four restrictions in Melbourne. From Thursday 6 August (inclusive), employers must issue a permit to employees that they require to attend a workplace such as a construction site. Employees must carry this permit when travelling to and from a workplace, with photo identification.  Further information on the scheme, including employer eligibility, is available here

5 August 2020

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Mental Health Guides

We have just published two new mental health guides. One on the link between mental health and physical health and safety. The other on domestic and family abuse. Thanks to our Mental Health Working Group for developing these guides to support members and their employees on key mental health concerns from COVID-19. Look out for future guides on connecting with people using technology and identifying colleagues who may be struggling in a remote work environment.

30 July 2020



Modern Slavery Practice Note

Thanks to Unchained Business Services for an exclusive practice note on the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) for our members. The note covers the Act's impact on businesses and supply chains, provides tips on risk mitigation and highlights the business case for action in this space.

30 July 2020

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Don't forget to check the state/territory news pages for the latest on local issues including government engagement, reforms and priorities; ACT, NSW, NT, QLDSA, TAS, VIC, WA.

Also, stay informed of the latest priorities and opportunities to participate in our roundtables and working groups.

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