Skills Survey

Employment data is essential for Consult Australia and its members to better understand workforce development requirements.

Consult Australia's skill survey results reports are also a great benchmarking tool for the industry, provide real-world examples to support lobbying for Government action, and are a useful source of information for workforce planning by government agencies and other stakeholders.

2019 results

Consult Australia released a summary report on the 2019 skill survey results on 25 July. 40 firms participated in this year's survey, collectively employing over 21,000 people across Australia.

An additional report on state and territory insights was also released this year for the first time. This report breaks down responses to key questions by jurisdictions to provide some broader insights on the skills challenge facing firms who have a presence in each state or territory. 

Please contact James Robertson (policy advisor) for further information on the 2019 skills survey results.

Quick facts
Exact numbers to be found in the latest skills survey
of firms are recruiting and experiencing a skill shortage
3 months
long recruitment process on principal/senior level
of firms use temporary skill shortage visas to help meet demands