About the survey

The Consult Australia’s Practice Performance Survey (PPS) is a free, secure, user-friendly, electronic survey tool which provides members with the opportunity to benchmark their performance within the industry across a range of key performance indicators including revenue, expenses, staff size, utilisation, profit margins, and working capital investment days. Survey participation is restricted to Consult Australia members.

The survey is conducted annually with data collection occurring in September each year. Participation is restricted to Consult Australia members with the resulting benchmarking reports only available to participants.

1. Click on the appropriate link below for a hard copy of the survey questions.  

2. Complete the required information in the working document.

Use the hard copy to collate all the required information before accessing the live survey as you will not be able to save and return to the survey once you have started. (Note that surveys cannot be submitted in hard copy format.)

3. Enter the survey data in the live survey using the link in the working document.

Data collection will remain open until close of business Friday, 16 October 2020.

Need help defining a term used in the survey? Definition of Terms.

Note: Categories used above align with ABS definitions.

This survey has two main purposes. The first is to provide firms with industry data on the key business performance metrics including return on investment. This will show each participant how the return they achieved in the previous financial year compares with the average return earned by other businesses in the industry. The second is to provide data on the size, structure and performance of the industry as a whole. This information is used to develop and support the material Consult Australia puts to government (and others) to advance the interests of members. As a result, your participation in the survey will not only provide results that will help you to benchmark and improve your profitability; they will also help us to lobby effectively on your behalf. 

There is no cost to member firms for participating in the PPS.

Participation in the PPS and access to the resulting firm performance benchmarking report are provided by Consult Australia as a free service to members—there are no additional charges for participation.  The benchmarking report will be produced by Management for Design (*see information below) and will be provided to all participants three weeks after the closing date of the survey. Additional analysis of firm results and/or more tailored benchmarking information will also be available through Management for Design by direct arrangement.

Confidentiality of information

Management for Design and Consult Australia assure the confidentiality and security of all information supplied for the Survey and all results are reported anonymously. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Data collection is run through a standalone SurveyMonkey license. SurveyMonkey uses some of the most advanced technology for Internet security that is commercially available today—you can view the full security statement here.


About Management for Design

m4dManagement for Design is an independent and private business providing finance, business management, information technology and human resources services to help consulting professionals maximise the potential of their practices, operate more efficiently and plan for the future, while freeing up time for them to focus on excelling at what they do best.




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