Contracts for Consultants

This intensive two and a half days training seminar is aimed at those who are regularly confronted with client contracts. The course provides essential advice and insights on managing and controlling contractual rights and obligations. It is conducted in a small interactive group format and has helped those with both limited and extensive experience to deal more effectively with contracts and their various terms and conditions. Tools and advice are given on how to develop fair and reasonable contractual relationships with clients.


New One-Day Refresher Program

Tailored in-house training can be arranged by request.
Cost Members: $1,500 (inc GST)
Non-members: $1,900 (inc GST)


2.5 Day Program

Tailored in-house training can be arranged by request.
Cost Members: $3,349 (inc GST)
Non-members: $4,245 (inc GST)

About the course

Contracts for Consultants is a two and a half day training program, in-person or online.

This course looks at the legal framework of professional services contracts and considers how consultants can negotiate agreements which reflect their proper professional role as acknowledged by the courts.

The course addresses not only how the law treats the contract itself, but also the process of negotiating that contract, and how that process can help minimise the likelihood of dispute. The course begins by investigating how and in what circumstances a legally enforceable contract is formed, and how various terms and conditions are incorporated into that agreement. The fundamentals of offer, acceptance and consideration are addressed and guidance is given on how to negotiate a mutually beneficial contract. The course then explains the various elements of consultant agreements and how insurance can affect those contractual arrangements and liability. 

An extensive workshop will help attendees develop their skills in identifying onerous clauses, and provides a deeper understanding of which clauses are unacceptable and why. Clauses which are not covered by PI insurance will be highlighted, and the entire course is supported by examples and case studies to contextualise the material.

You will learn the essential do's and don'ts to contract management and leave confident that you company's legal standing is better protected.

Gerry Doyle
Terry Burton
Jonathan Allan

Who should attend

  • Consultants in the built and natural environment
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Associates 
  • Principals 
  • Managers Directors 
  • Project Managers 
  • Team Leaders 
  • Clients of the consulting engineering industry 
  • Inhouse legal counsel

Course Director

Tony Horan Tony Horan is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced barristers working in the construction industry in Australia. He is also a dynamic and engaging presenter, who utilises his extensive legal expertise to support the course material with real-life examples. Tony has represented and advised a range of building professionals and consulting engineers from all disciplines. He has over 20 years of expertise in resolving disputes regarding design and construction, copyright and insurance litigation, arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution processes. He is a highly sought-after presenter, a member of the Victorian Bar and Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne.

For the past 5 years, Tony has been voted by his peers (Doyles Guide) as one of Australia’s leading barristers specialising in construction and infrastructure.



Course cost includes:

  • Two and a half days training program
  • Hard-copy training materials
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

More information 

For more information contact the Consult Australia on 02 8252 6700 or via email