Our pipeline portfolio focuses on promoting the value of a long-term pipeline of projects for thriving communities and a sustainable industry. This portfolio covers infrastructure funding and financing, and infrastructure governance and planning.

Building the case for infrastructure funding reforms

A campaign to promote concepts such as asset recycling and road user charging as options to help meet future infrastructure investments demands.


Smart approach to pipeline planning

Business Case report

iBodies Infrastructure Governance in Australia

Infrastructure Audit 2019 Submission

Our policy and advocacy campaigns are member-driven by our various roundtables, working groups and committees. The Infrastructure Roundtable oversees our nationwide activities relating to the pipeline portfolio.

Current members:

  • Ian Cox - AECOM
  • Stephen Sewell - AECOM
  • Clara Tetther - Arcadis Australia Pacific
  • Syd Gamble - Arcadis Australia Pacific
  • Jeff Booker - Arup
  • Merrill Lee - Arup
  • Rowenna Walker - Aurecon
  • Allen Macourt - Cardno
  • Mark Perry - Cardno
  • Ian Dawson - GHD
  • Noam Maitless - GHD
  • Libby Mitchell - GHD
  • Craig Curnow - Golder
  • Graham Scholey - Golder
  • Stuart Manly - Jacobs
  • Judith Uren - JGU
  • James Plant - KBR
  • Kaiyu Lin - KBR
  • Dan Reeve - SMEC
  • Scott Nield - Stantec
  • Adam Chan-Sew - Stantec
  • Jo O'Brien - Tonkin
  • Tim Ennis - Tonkin

More information

For more information about our pipeline work, please contact Policy Advisor James Robertson at james@consultaustralia.com.au.