Our pipeline portfolio focuses on promoting the value of a long-term pipeline of projects for thriving communities and a sustainable industry. This portfolio covers infrastructure funding and financing, and infrastructure governance and planning.

Property tax reforms

Unlocking stimulus from property tax reforms 

A campaign to highlight our call to Australian governments to investigate and include property tax reforms as part of their longer-term response to COVID-19 economic impacts.

A copy of our recent paper on the topic is below.



Considering social impacts in infrastructure business cases

A campaign to highlight the importance of considering the social value of new infrastructure proposals.

A copy of our recent report on the topic is below.



A smarter approach to pipeline planning

A campaign to promote best practice infrastructure governance and investment decision-making processes.

Recent reports we have released on the topic are below.


Building the case for infrastructure funding reforms

A campaign to promote concepts such as asset recycling and road user charging as options to help meet future infrastructure investments demands.

A copy of our recent report on re-building the social licence for asset recycling is below.



2021-22 Federal Budget

See our submission in response to the Federal Treasury's pre-Budget 2021-22 consultation. Our pipeline recommendations include leveraging existing infrastructure governance arrangements to create a smart long-term pipeline of high-value projects, and re-establishing an improved asset recycling initiative.

February 2021

IA lgo

2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan

See our submission to Infrastructure Australia to support the development of the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan. Our input is structured around four themes:

  • Procurement practices and methodologies
  • Industry capability, capacity and culture
  • Use of technology
  • Visibility of the pipeline

We thank member representatives for their involvement in putting this submission together.

October 2020



See our submission for the Federal Treasury's consultation on the 2020-21 Budget.  We emphasis the importance of infrastructure and built environment for Australia's COVID-19 economic recovery.  Our pipeline recommendations include investing in more business cases to shore up the next wave of projects, and re-establishing an asset recycling initiative.

August 2020


Bushfires Royal Commission

See our submission for the public consultation to support the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements. Our response highlighted the opportunity to design more resilient assets to withstand further bushfire risks. We also noted the role that our industry can play in planning how essential infrastructure can be more reliable during natural disasters. 

April 2020


2020-21 Federal Budget

See our submission on the Federal Treasury's consultation on the 2020-21 Budget. Our response covered the full range of our policy priorities, including the need for a smart long-term pipeline of projects, a sustainable workforce, improved procurement practices, and a certain and stable regulatory environment.

December 2019


Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

See our letter on the Federal Department of Industry's consultation on their National Australia Infrastructure Facility review. We noted the program's success should be measured by its ability to get investments flowing and this could be underpinned by looking at complementary equity or grant funding to support new projects. We also suggested that the program could better align with work at a state and territory government level.

December 2019


2019 Infrastructure Audit

See our submission for Infrastructure Australia's consultation on their 2019 Infrastructure Audit. This audit is part of a broadly cycle of planning and research activities to help inform nationally significant infrastructure investment decisions. We strongly supported this work, and identified a number of additional opportunities and challenges.

October 2019


Automated mass transport inquiry

See our letter for the Federal House of Representative Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Transport's inquiry into automated mass transport. Our response focused on potential efficiency opportunities on infrastructure networks and the need for a supporting tax model to complement any transition. We also noted the importance of ensuring investments related to the topic are backed by iBodies.

January 2019


2019-20 Federal Budget

See our submission to the Federal Treasury on the 2019-20 Budget. This response covered the full range of our policy priorities, including the need for a strong infrastructure pipeline, the importance of the built environment workforce, and our call to improve procurement practices.

January 2019

Our pipeline policy and advocacy campaigns are member-driven by our state/territory committees and our Infrastructure Roundtable.

More information

For more information about our pipeline work, please contact Consult Australia at info@consultaustralia.com.au.