List of Members

Consult Australia members as of 6 April 2021.

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Consult Australia Members K-P
Kavanaugh Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
Kehoe Myers Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd
Kiri Parr Pty Ltd
Kneebone & Beretta Consulting Pty Ltd
Kneebone Beretta & Hall Pty Ltd
Knight Piesold Pty Limited
KPH Consulting
KR Stubbs & Associates Pty Ltd
Kuttner Collins & Partners Pty Ltd
Lambert & Rehbein Pty Ltd
Lateral Property Group
Leigh Appleyard Family Trust
Lindsay Dynan Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
LOTE Consulting Pty Ltd
Lovell Structural Engineering Consultancy
Lyle Marshall & Partners Pty Ltd
M & G Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
MacDonald Corporation Australia
Mace Australia
Mahaffey Associates Pty Ltd
Management for Design (Associate Member)
Mark Kiryakos - Geotechnical Engineer
Melbourne Acoustics
Mining Management Services
Mintrex Pty Ltd
Mission Critical Systems Pty Limited
MLEI Consulting Engineers
Moodie & Associates
MPN Group Pty Limited
Murdocca and Associates Pty Ltd
Niche Environment and Heritage Pty Ltd
Nolan Consulting Pty Ltd
Northrop Engineers Pty Ltd
Ochre West Consulting Engineers
OCULUS Landscape Architects
Optimum Engineering Consultants
Orion Consulting
P&M Consulting Pty Ltd
Paint Consult Australia (Associate Member)
Palmer Consultancy 
PCC and Associates Pty Ltd
Peak Consultants Pty Ltd
Peritas Consulting
Peter J Ramsay & Associates
Peter Redman
Pitcher Partners - SA (Associate Member)
Pitt & Sherry (Operations) Pty Ltd
Playford Consulting
Porter Consulting Engineers
Powerlyt Group Pty Ltd
Prime Engineering Consultants
Pritchard Francis
Procivil Consulting
Project Directors Australia


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