Codes of Ethics

The members of Consult Australia are committed to the Principles of this Code of Ethics. These are:

  • to act honestly and with integrity;
  • to respect the inherent dignity and privacy of the individual;
  • to act on the basis of competence and a well-informed conscience;
  • to hold paramount the welfare, health and safety of the community; and
  • to uphold, at all times, the Tenets as expressed in this Code of Ethics.

The Tenets of the Code of Ethics are the specific principles to which the Association ascribes:

  • Members shall at all times place their responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of the community before their responsibility to private interests, or to other members;
  • Members shall act with honour, integrity and dignity in order to merit the trust of the community;
  • Members shall act only in areas of their competence and shall practise in a careful and diligent manner;
  • Members shall act with honesty, good faith and without discrimination towards all in the community, including clients, employers and colleagues;
  • Members shall apply their skill and knowledge in the interest of their employer or client for whom they shall act with integrity, without compromising any other obligation to these Tenets;
  • Members shall take all reasonable steps to inform themselves, their clients and employers and the community of the social and environmental consequences of the actions and projects in which they are involved;
  • Members shall express opinions and recommendations, make public statements or give evidence in an objective and truthful manner and only on the basis of existing and adequate knowledge having regard to their obligations of confidentiality and their responsibility to the safety, health and welfare of the community;
  • Members shall continue to develop relevant knowledge, skill and expertise throughout their careers and shall actively assist and encourage those under their direction to do likewise; and
  • Members shall not assist, induce or be involved in a breach of these Tenets, shall support those who seek to uphold them, and having knowledge of any alleged violation of this Code of Ethics will raise it with the member and the Association as considered appropriate.

All Consult Australia members agree to be bound by the Consult Australia Code of Ethics. For a copy of the Code, please click here.

If you would like more information about Consult Australia’s Code of Ethics, please contact Consult Australia on (02) 8252 6700 or via email