21 October 2020

Consult Australia Inaugural SME Summit

Consult Australia Inaugural National Online SME Summit

Consult Australia's Inaugural SME Summit is a national online event that is open to all Consult Australia SME members free of charge. The program has been designed by our SME members for the benefit of our SME members. Topics include:

  • Working in remote offices 
  • Recruiting and training staff 
  • Business survival strategies 
  • Tips & Tricks to assist with PI Insurance 
  • Mental Health Awareness 
  • Economic Stimulus Packages for SME Businesses 
  • Building Confidence Reforms 
  • Driving Better Local Government Contractings

Join like SME business representatives to gain and share key information to assist your business into the future. Virtual rooms will be utilised ensuring that you attend sessions that are of the most value to your business.

Date: Wednesday 21 October 2020 

Time: 10.00am - 2.00pm (or part of)

Venue: Online (link will be sent one week from the event)

Cost: (Members); Free of Charge (Non-Members) $150 inc GST

Please contact:  linda@consultaustralia.com.au