Salary survey

The salary survey is exclusive to member firms.

As a Consult Australia remuneration report subscriber you have access to the latest market data for the built environment consulting sector. Staying informed of market movements is critical to ensure your reward strategy continues to meet business needs. 

For example, an organisation (with 30 employees or 100 employees and an average total fixed remuneration spend of $120,000 per person) paying 10% over the market median risks incurring $360,000 or $1.2m respectively in unnecessary costs annually. Conversely, paying 10% below the market median may result in retention issues. Your investment in remuneration surveys will be made back many times over in savings on unnecessary remuneration costs and by retaining key talent.

Aon Hewitt manages the survey on behalf of Consult Australia. Click here to learn more (see attached flyer), or contact Aon Hewitt directly at

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