Consult Australia Benchmarking

Consult Australia currently undertakes two main benchmarking activities each year:

1. The Consult Australia Practice Performance Survey (PPS)

2. The Consult Australia Salary Survey delivered in partnership with Aon Hewitt.


Practice Performance Survey

The Consult Australia’s Practice Performance Survey (PPS) is a secure, user-friendly, electronic survey tool which provides member firms with the opportunity to benchmark their performance within the industry across a range of key performance indicators including revenues; expenses, number of employees; utilisation; profit margins; and working capital investment days. 

Survey participation is restricted to Consult Australia members.

This survey has two main purposes. The first is to provide firms with industry data on the key business performance metrics including return on investment. This will show each participant how the return they achieved in the previous financial year compares with the average return earned by other businesses in the industry.  The second is to provide data on the size, structure and performance of the industry as a whole.  This information is used to develop and support the material Consult Australia puts to government (and others) to advance the interests of members. As a result, your participation in the survey will not only provide results that will help you to benchmark and improve your profitability; they will also help us to lobby effectively on your behalf. 

There is no cost to member firms for participating in the PPS.

For more information on the Consult Australia PPS, please click here.


Salary Survey & Executive Salary Survey

Consult Australia’s Salary Survey, delivered in partnership with Aon Hewitt, is the only industry specific survey completed by the consulting firms themselves (rather than recruitment agencies), making it a unique and extremely valuable product. It is also the most comprehensive of its kind, covering almost 16,000 lines of data and more than 358 positions. Access to the Survey is exclusive to Consult Australia members.

Also available exclusively to Consult Australia member firms, the Executive Salary Survey runs in tandem with the standard salary survey to cover c-suite, executive positions. Consult Australia member firms were heavily involved in the survey’s development resulting in a highly targeted and extremely relevant tool that captures details surrounding both salaries and benefits to provide a holistic view of current market rates.