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  • Contracts

    The Consult Australia Contract is a standard form contract for the engagement of professional services. It has been designed to be as flexible as possible, for use by consultant businesses of various sizes and disciplines. The contract strikes the right balance in the role and responsibilities of both client and consultants and is designed to address the key issues that could otherwise lead to protracted negotiations. 

    The contract is free for Consult Australia members and available to non-members at a cost via the Consult Australia bookshop. Members are able to access either an electronic copy or a printed copy. Non-members can only purchase a printed copy – and each printed copy is single use (e.g. for one client and one project). You can select from the 4-page version or a 1-page ‘condensed’ contract (which has the same terms but is in smaller format as preferred by some consultants).

    We have also developed an Advisory Note to the contract that explores issues such as certainty of services including scope, programme and deliverables. All parties are encouraged to take care to ensure that there is certainty and clarity at the outset. This includes understanding the contract terms and the attached documents such as the consultant’s fee proposal.

    Members can access the electronic copy or order the print copy of the Consult Australia Contract by clicking here, please note you will need to log in with your members-only username and password.

    Please note: Under the Australian Consumer Law there are certain protections for consumers and small businesses from ‘unfair contract terms’. It is important that you are aware of these protections when you contract with a consumer or small business. You must ensure that you present a contract to a consumer or small business in a clear and transparent manner. It is recommended that you read the Guide to the Unfair Contracts Terms Law published by the Australian Government, available here.

  • Practice Notes

    Consult Australia's Practice Notes are business tools providing information in the practice areas of; professional ethics, liability and insurance, quality assurance, legal advice, personnel matters, general and financial matters, appointments and contracts, and workplace health and safety. Practice Notes are solely for the internal use by members.

    Practice Notes are available to members only and can be accessed by clicking here. (Please note you will need to be logged in with your members-only password to access this area of the site.)

  • Briefing Notes

    Consult Australia's Briefing Notes provide summary information on key topics and policies of current importance to our members, they can be either a:

    • Policy Briefing Note – generally for internal use by members to increase understanding within member businesses of the relevant topic
    • Client Briefing Note – for distribution by members to clients, as a knowledge-sharing tool on the relevant topic.

    Topics are in-line with our four policy areas; People, Procurement, Pipeline and Practice. If members would like a Briefing Note on a particular topic not covered, please contact one of the Policy advisors or your State/Territory Manager.

    Briefing Notes are available to members only and can be accessed by clicking here. (Please note you will need to be logged in with your members only password to access this area of the site.)


  • Consult Australia E-Newsletters

    Consult Australia’s weekly e-newsletter (formerly the fortnightly e-newsletter, CE Update) is distributed on a state-by-state basis. It contains topical local and national news items and upcoming events. A well-regarded industry publication, our e-newsletters provides targeted access to the built and natural environment industry. Read More.

  • Economic Forecast

    Consult Australia’s 2020 Economic Forecast  report is an essential tool for any consulting firm operating within the built and natural environment in Australia.

    Not only will it help you to identify opportunities, risks and threats to your business and highlight important trends in the industries and markets in which you operate, but it will also provide you with insights that are crucial to the development of sustainable, robust and achievable strategies for consulting firms of any size.

    Only available in hard copies.

    Click here to purchase.
  • Business Tips

    Consult Australia, in collaboration with NSW Business Chamber (NSWBC) is pleased to provide Business Tips, a new Consult Australiamember service. Business Tips is a source of informative business information, addressing common issues dealt with by Consult Australia members in their workplace operations.

    Disclaimer: The information published in Business Tips is intended as general information only and should not be relied on in place of legal or professional advice. Consult Australia and ABL take no responsibility for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any reliance on the information published. Any person relying on the information published in Business Tips does so at their own risk. Read more (Please note you will need to be logged in with your members only password to access this area of the site)

  • Consulting Matters

    Consult Australia's official quarterly print publication focuses on the issues which are prevalent in the consulting industry through articles and case studies from our leading professionals. It also includes discussion of related service industries.

    Consulting Matters is a free publication for Consult Australia Members and is sent to over 3,500 senior decision makers which include firms consulting in the built and natural environment, other related firms in the industry, associated professional and industry bodies, government departments and overseas associations.

    Subject areas covered in Consulting Matters include a broad spectrum of industry issues relevant to the consulting industry as well as broader business issues, and Consult Australia activities and services. All externally submitted articles are subject to a review process, ensuring that only the highest quality articles are accepted for publication.

    Click here to read the latest issue

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