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ACT - Consult Australia Welcomes Announcement of a Chief Engineer for ACT | Download Media Release




FEDERAL BUDGET STATEMENT 2018 | Download Media Release

De Ja Vu on Light Rail Stage Two | Download Media Release

Labour urged to come to the table on 'Infrastructure SA' | Download Media Release

'The Tools for Designing Cities are Changing' - Smart Cities Guide | Download Media Release

WA - Infrastructure body must not be ‘independence-lite’ says Consult Australia | Download Media Release

VIC - Call for greater independence to aid Infrastructure Victoria | Download Media Release

SA -  Model proposed for South Australia to separate politics and infrastructure planning  | Download Media Release

QLD - Call for greater independence to aid Build Queensland | Download Media Release

WA - Industry body calls on McGowan to keep politics and infrastructure separate | Download Media Release

NSW - Call for greater independence to aid Infrastructure NSW | Download Media Release

ACT -  Model proposed for ACT to separate politics and infrastructure | Download Media Release

‘IBODIES’ - New model proposed to separate politics and infrastructure planning | Download Media Release


Built environment body welcomes Government city data tool | Download Media Release

ACT - Future State of the Territory 2017 | Download Media Release

Small business is big business for built environment |
Download Media Release

Male city-shapers to overcome systemic gender equality issues | Download Media Release

NSW - Big Sydney - Young people to debate 10 million Sydneysiders by 2050 | Download Media Release

WA - End Innovation Blockers | Download Media Release

New Era for Cities | Download Media Release

QLD - Disrupting the Australian Dream | Download Media Release

The Future Starts Now: Consult Australia support call to futureproof infrastructure corridors | Download Media Release

Liability Crisis Undermines NSW Infrastructure Investment | Download Media Release

Budget 1.0 that begs for a Budget 2.0 | Download the Media Release

Stronger industry engagement to support a stronger Victoria | Download the Media Release 

NSW Budget Must Improve Procurement | Download the Media Release

Procurement overhaul needed to assist Australian business | Download the media release

Australian Digital Built Environment Principles | Download the media release | Download the Principles

NSW needs procurement reforms enacted quickly | Download the media release

Please Spend Our Money Smarter | Download the media release


(12/12/2016) Capture the value for long term success | Download the media release (28/11/2016)
Liability for Time Bomb for Small Business in New South Wales | Download the media release

A focus on the future is welcome | Download the media release

Sharing value is in Australia's best interest | Download the media release

71% think government should do better job on BIM | Download the media release

Skills could be lost without a pipeline of work | Download the media release

A Fair Go When Spending Our Money | Download the media release

Industry welcomes long-term infrastructure pipeline | Download the media release

Commitment to Cross River Rail builds confidence | Download the media release

A lesson is using infrastructure to build productivity | Download the media release

UrbanGrowth NSW supports milestone forum | Download the media release

Infrastructure will grow the economy, not tax increases | Download the media release

No surprises business-friendly budget | Download the media release

A big step for cities, now comes the journey | Download the media release

A Focus on the Future - 6 Ideas for Infrastructure | Download the media release

Victorian Budget: Government spending is welcome, but they must consult industry | Download the media release

Introducing Circular Quay Square | Download the media release

Nuclear SA Critical for Jobs & Growth | Download the media release 

An Optimistic Plan for a Stronger Queensland | Download the media release

New Voices for Better Procurement in NSW | Download the media release

15 year plan a blueprint for reform | Download the media release

Sydney’s Central Station to be transformed into world-class stadium  | Download the media release 



Lucy Will be Good for Sydney  Download the media release
A Second Harbour Bridge or Opera House? What's the Next Big Idea for Sydney?  Download the media release 

Wasted Millions Enough to Pay for Second Sydney Airport  Download the media release

A Green Light for New Ideas in Victoria Download the media release 

Sydney Greater Commission must recognise the value of industry expertise  Download the media release

Framework Demonstrates Stakeholder Engagement Can Save Millions | Download the media release

Projects NSW Must be a Model Client Download the media release    

Building Queensland Needs New Funding for Infrastructure Download the media release   

Future of Liverpool - Award Winner Announced Download the media release   

Time to Share the Love for Mega-Infrastructure Projects Download the media release  

Growing Sydney Upward Needs To Be Done Right | Download the media release 

Labor's Infrastructure Investment: A Plan for Growth | Download the media release  

Future of Liverpool Open to Public Vote | Download the media release  
Visionary Cabinet Welcomed by Built Environment Industries | Download the media release 

Infrastructure Victoria to Support Industry, Public | Download the media release 

Budget Begs the Question: What's Next for QLD? | Download the media release 

Introduction of Infrastructure Victoria an Important Milestone | Download the media release 


Billions of Dollars to Help Fund Public Infrastructure Being Ignored | Download the media release 

Industry Body Blasts Canberra Liberals 'Anti-Investment' Letter | Download the media release 

Built Environment Consultants Welcome ACT Budget | Download the media release  

Congestion Yet to Squeeze More Dollars for Infrastructure | Download the media release
Promising Response to Budget by Opposition | Download the media release

Boost for Small Business, But Idle on Infrastructure | Download the media release

Industry Leaders Endorse Inclusiveness & Diversity Strategy | Download the media release 

Smarter Governments Could Save Enough to Build Sydney Airport | Download the media release

Report Shows Smarter Governments Could Save $2.5B | Download the media release 

NSW Needs More than Modest Goals | Download the media release

QLD Business Uncertain & Lacking Confidence | Download the media release


Vote for the Design You Want for Western Sydney Airport | Download the media release 

Skills Shortages to Pinch Infrastructure Pipeline | Download the media release 

QLD Government at Loggerheads with Business | Download the media release

QLD Strong Choices Budget | Download the media release 

Infrastructure Budget Builds the Road to Growth | Download the media release

Sensible recommendations: time for action | Download the media release 

Sustainability tool for professional services | Download media release

457 rules hamper infrastructure development | Download media release

Employers support gender reporting | Download media release and download letter

Infrastructure design firms welcome Badgerys Creek Airport | Download PDF

21st century infrastructure needs 21st century technology | Download PDF

Road-user charging dismissed at our peril | Download PDF

Catching the next wave of infrastructure projects for NSW | Download PDF

Station Precinct Plan a productivity booster for Melbourne | Download PDF

457 changes a positive sign for red tape reduction | Download PDF

Unsolicited proposal bears fruit for VIC transport | Download PDF

Industry launches pre-election platform as a call to action | Download PDF

New guidelines and a new direction for ACT industry | Download PDF


Consult Australia appoints new President & Board | Download PDF
Built environment industry Awards: Australia is in good hands | Download PDF

Perth remains a stronghold for consulting excellence | Download PDF

Awards prove consulting excellence in Queensland | Download PDF

Much merit in new infrastructure policy | Download PDF

Let's get smarter about tolls | Download PDF

Education reforms scrapped: A bullet dodged | Download PDF

Consult Australia applauds Government announced SA Future Fund | Download PDF

Diversity in the built environment industry: In it for the long haul | Download PDF

Political mayhem means it’s time to get smarter about infrastructure | Download PDF

A Minister for Cities – the missing piece | Download PDF

A win for high speed rail - now time for bipartisan support | Download PDF

Data paints picture of Queensland in crisis | Download PDF

Scrap the cap: Government dumbs down workforce | Download PDF

Engineers, who needs em says Rudd | Download PDF

Industry despairs at 457 visa debate | Download PDF

100 per cent lack of confidence in South Australia's future | Download PDF

Industry claims 457 reforms unnecessary | Download PDF

WestConnex a welcome sign for NSW firms | Download PDF

Budget spells doom for Queensland infrastructure | Download PDF

2013/14 Budget - Save to spend rather than grow to prosper | Download PDF

Focus on Cities in New Deal | Download PDF

A welcome shift in the focus on 457 | Download PDF

Engineers in crisis | Download PDF

Proof that Aussie workers are favoured over skilled migrants | Download PDF

Industry calls for engineering innovation precinct | Download PDF

Cities investment critical to 2013-14 Budget says industry | Download PDF


Excellence in the built environment sector | Download PDF

A focus on cities for a change | Download PDF

Just a walk, ride or bus trip away from a healthy future | Download PDF

Consulting industry takes lead on WHS | Download PDF

Boost for Australian engineering industry | Download PDF

This could be goodbye to eight per cent of our workers | Download PDF

New resources to help the building industry embrace BIM | Download PDF

The engineering skills shortage - not our problem | Download PDF

Engineering industry leaders prove they're not all talk | Download PDF

Australian consulting industry welcomes LAFHA announcement | Download PDF

A carbon tax this Sunday - adapt today | Download PDF

Infrastructure funding and finance reform - key drivers of productivity | Download PDF

Consultants call for a little less planning and a lot more action please | Download PDF

Turbulent few years forecast for Australia's built environment consulting industry | Download PDF

Social reform trumps investment in productivity | Download PDF

Working together: Harder, smarter and faster for Australia's cities | Download PDF

Consult Australia gives thumbs up to investigation into local government reform | Download PDF

Consultants deliver value for money | Download PDF

Private sector calls for government reform to ease engineering shortage | Download PDF

Engineering takes landmark step towards tackling diversityDownload PDF


A year of excellence in Australian engineering | Download PDF

Leading consultants call for better cities | Dowload PDF

Government urged to share vision for seizing a sustainable future | Download PDF

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