About Us

Consult Australia is the association representing the business interests of consulting firms operating in the built and natural environment.  We specialise in helping businesses of all sizes to create a commercial platform from which they can operate successfully and sustainably while making the business side of running their firm easier and less time consuming.

By acting as the voice of the industry, facilitating collaboration and networking, and by providing tailored education and support services, Consult Australia frees its members to do what they do best and what they enjoy most about providing professional consulting services: consult!

Our member firms’ services include, but are not limited to: architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, planning, cost consulting (quantity surveyors), project management and environmental science. 

We are active in your state or territory

In addition to our National Office, Consult Australia has strong representation through our offices in the states and territories that support committees of members representing industry interests in that jurisdiction.  Our state and territory divisions: drive advocacy activities responsive to their unique local challenges; facilitate new networks and business development opportunities for our member firms; deliver targeted training, local communications and member engagement.

The purpose of Consult Australia is to drive business success for our member firms. We are focused on helping to make the business of doing business easier and less time consuming for our members.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about the benefits of membership here and read about our current advocacy priorities here.

If your firm is interested in becoming a Consult Australia member, please contact us on (02) 8252 6718 or via email to membership@consultaustralia.com.au.

Our history

Consult Australia was formerly known as the Association of Consulting Engineers Australia (ACEA), and was formed and officially established in 1952.

A redraft of the Association’s rules took place in 1962 in order to provide for the changing national character of the Association and to accommodate state-based Chapters, and in 2001 ACEA membership base changed to become an association of business firms.

Also in 2001 Consult Australia launched FutureNet WA and subsequently Australia-wide aimed at supporting younger professionals within the industry. In 2005 the FutureNet Business Leaders Program was launched in NSW, and subsequently to Queensland and Victoria.

Also in 2005, the Association decided to provide its members with a referral service called the PI Pathway, which provides access to broking services and a range of associated support from a panel of insurance brokers carefully selected following a comprehensive tender process.

In 2010—as a reflection of the changing nature and make up of its member firms, the ACEA changed its name to Consult Australia. This rebrand was followed by a relaunch of the Association's website, and a redraft of the Constitution.

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