Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is the discipline concerned with protecting the health and safety of all stakeholders in the workplace from exposure to hazards and risks resulting from work activities.

Consult Australia unequivocally supports the adoption of WHS laws, regulations, and codes of practices that deliver improved workplace health and safety outcomes throughout Australia for all stakeholders.

Of particular interest to member firms is Safe Work Australia's Code of Practice for Safe Design of Structures, and Code of Practice for Safe Design, Import, Manufacture and Supply of Plant. Both can be found at

Consult Australia also champions a number of mentally healthy workplaces initiatives. These initiatives promote the importance of developing and implementing responses to work-related psychological health and safety hazards and risks.

Thought leadership - mental health in the workplace

Striving for Mentally Healthy Workplaces

The report will help your firm towards creating a mentally healthy workplace. The report, launched in October 2018, includes best practices and shares successful case studies from member firms that are focused on being scalable for workplaces of all sizes. The benefits of mentally healthy workplaces are significant – employees feel empowered to perform at a high-level and comfortably balance work into a healthy life and thriving employees can drive an organisation's performance and deliver a competitive edge. The report is available here.

Mental health ambassador network

Consult Australia launched its Mental Health Ambassador Network in June 2019. The network, made up of 22 leaders and managers from member firms, has been established to help drive a cultural change in the broader industry on its approach to mental health. The ambassadors are collectively focused on:

  • Challenging the notion that mental health is a closed topic
  • Tackling mental health stigmas
  • Providing insights on personal experiences
  • Promoting what businesses and industry can do to create mentally healthy workplaces
Consult Australia's mental health ambassadors include:

Mark Fairweather (Chair)
Managing Director

Ryan Jones
Financial Controller
Rider Levett Bucknall
Ian Banister
Strategic Capability Leader

Trudy-Ann King
Business Leader - Buildings Design
Sarah Board
Market Leader - Water (NSW/ACT)     

Tim Andersen
Business Leader HSE
Mal Brown
Sydney Civil Manager

Cathy Moore
HR and Business Systems Coordinator
Lindsay Dynan
Peter Brown
Principal, Regional Leader (Vic/SA) 
Tanya Norton
Rail Signalling Manager

Stuart Cook
Principal Engineer

Brad Searle
Business Leader - Environment and Waste  

Gerry Doyle
Chief Executive

Amy Singh
HR Manager
Douglas Partners
David Field
Director and Principal Engineer

Trudy Wallington
Manager, Geotechnics

Julie Gratton
Health and Safety Manager (ANZ)

Kathryn Nolan
APAC Marketing Leader

Keren Gifford
Business Partner (Culture/Engagement)  

Peter Zmuda
Safety, Health and Environment Director

James Kral
Integral Group

Please contact James Robertson, Policy Advisor, at if you would like to hear more on how Consult Australia's ambassador network can assist your business and workplace.    

Safety in design

Safety in design is about encompassing safe design principles in the conceptual and design phase of a design project that apply over the entire life cycle of that project. The opportunities to address WHS in the design and planning of construction works are considerable. In this early phase it is often possible to design out hazards or incorporate risk control measures that are compatible with the original design concept and with the engineering and functional requirements of a project.

Safety in Design Toolkit

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