Australian Capital Territory

Caitlin ButtressCaitlin Buttress | Manager - ACT
With several years’ experience in professional associations, Caitlin’s work in the built environment sector spans communications, marketing, project management, public affairs, sponsorship, education, and event management. Caitlin has gained a wealth of knowledge through various national roles and is now eager to drive engagement at a local level; facilitating conversation with key stakeholders and fostering good working relationships with policy-makers to achieve positive outcomes for member firms.

Consult Australia in the ACT

We are Consult Australia and we help consulting firms  shape a better world.

Every major built environment project in the ACT and the surrounding region will have involved Consult Australia members, who range from some of the world’s largest companies combining local and federal work, to independent sole traders using their skills to make their area a better place.

Through Executive, FutureNet, Canberra Regional, and Federal committees we represent engineers, architects, economists, planners, management consultants, surveyors and more... but beyond professions, we represent knowledge, ideas, and new ways of working.

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What does this mean for the Canberra and the Region?
  • It means we support the development of a 30 year ‘growth plan’, with population, participation and productivity at its core, and a clear strategy as to how growth will be achieved through the delivery of economic infrastructure and connections with regional centres.‚Äč

  • It means that whilst we support large public infrastructure projects, we are keen to talk about the development and subsequent delivery of a 30 year plan for sustainable growth, to which these projects feed into.

  • It means we support asset recycling in the short term to fund infrastructure proven to grow the economy, but are keen to talk about long term infrastructure funding.

  • It means that we support urban renewal as a way of providing opportunity, revitalising urban centres and adapting to population increases, but believe smarter long term planning and a clearer strategy for Canberra’s CBD could minimise the need for future interventions.

  • It means we would like to work alongside Government on excellence, with a shared understanding of the challenges ahead, as opposed to being consulted on solutions found: excellence in procurement; excellence in sustainability; excellence in design.

  • It means we will invest time in the promotion of STEM subjects [Science Technology Engineering Maths] to school children and that leadership and innovation will be core to all our engagement with young professionals in FutureNet including The Future Sessions and the Chief Minister’s Challenge.

  • It means all our activity will be linked to the betterment of place - we are #CBR and we will work with anyone else who is too.

ACT Advocacy

The ACT Committee regularly engages with relevant stakeholders on a range of issues facing the ACT Membership. If you are experiencing any business issues in ACT that you would like the ACT Committee to consider in their lobbying work, please contact