Consult Australia runs a full calendar of events across Australia; from our intimate Boardroom Lunch series, which gives members the opportunity to engage with key decision-makers in their region, to our Consult Australia Leaders Conference, which is designed to provide a unique learning, networking, and sharing platform for senior leaders from within built environment consulting firms in Australia (and the Asia Pacific region more broadly).

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Leaders Conference

We thought we knew what disruption looked like until Covid-19 changed our world. Hopefully Covid-19 will be the biggest disruption of the decade but experts will tell you it certainly won’t be our last, so what's next? 

How do you lead your organisation and your teams through this decade of disruption? 

Over the course of two days we will explore the four key characteristics that will be required from leaders to navigate what Jim Collins refers to as the ‘Stockdale Paradox’ and embrace ‘the genius of the AND’.

Using the key characteristics to solve the Genius of the And/Stockdale Paradox we can weave them together to better serve our clients, staff, stakeholders, ourselves, and our family – they are:
  • Ethical
  • Inclusive
  • Empathic
  • Purpose driven


Awards for Excellence

The Consult Australia Awards for Excellence is an annual awards program that provides an opportunity to profile and promote the outstanding achievements of Consult Australia’s member firms to the industry and community. Since their inception, the Awards have celebrated excellence in the delivery of individual projects. Small, medium and large consulting firms are all represented within the program and the gala presentation event provides an opportunity to network with and gain recognition from peers in your industry. 




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