Driving business success for professional services firms in the built environment through:

  1. Best practice procurement and fairer contracts.
  2. Better urban environments and infrastructure investment.
  3. Safer sustainable and more productive workplaces.
  4. Stronger more collaborative business relationships.
  5. Industry innovation, growth & excellence.

In these areas we are not just responsive to the political agenda, but setting this agenda; helping to ensure our members’ interests are heard, protected and advanced.

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2016 AdvocacyPriorities

2017 Policy Wins

Nicola GraysonNicola Grayson
Director, Policy and Government Relations

Nicola is a government relations specialist, and has represented industry associations to governments in the UK, the European Union, and Australia. Nicola has worked across a range of sectors including general insurance, consumer finance, alcohol, and education, in addition to consulting engineering. With an Honours Degree in Law from the UK, she specialises in liability and contracting issues on behalf of Consult Australia. Nicola previously worked for Consult Australia from 2004 to 2010 (the development of AS4122-2010 being her last major project). After 5 years back in the UK, she re-joined Consult Australia in 2017.

Steve KuperSteve Kuper
Policy Advisor

Steve joins Consult Australia after 5 years working for State and Federal members of Parliament. 
Steve has experience across several policy areas including Industrial Relations, Employment, International Development, Defence, Infrastructure and Treasury. Steve has an Advanced Masters of International Studies specialising in International Economics and Defence Policy from the University of Wollongong.


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