Free Webinar: Sustainable surface water management with geocellular underground tanks

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Date: Friday, 12 July 2019 to Friday, 19 July 2019
Address: SYDNEY, NSW Australia
Place: Webinar (details to be provided)
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Sustainable surface water management with geocellular underground tanks

Surface water management begins with an assessment of the hydrological demands of the project. The rainfall and topography of the landscape then determines the surface water solution.

As the available land in cities becomes increasingly developed, large surface areas are being covered with impermeable pavements. This leads to an increase in volume of water runoff on the stormwater system and to receiving waterways which ultimately impacts the environment. Government departments regulate stormwater quality and detention. Policies and guidelines are put into place supporting innovative solutions to conserve, retain and reuse our most valuable water resource.

This webinar will provide a detailed account of some of the important issues to consider when specifying geo-cellular systems for stormwater detention, retention and infiltration covering key topics such as:

Highlights: :

    • Engineered solutions v. soft WSUD techniques

    • Legislation

    • System design and versatility

    • Strength

    • Hydraulics

    • Logistics and site considerations

    • Access and ease of maintenance



Greg Facey
Market Segment Manager, ACO

Greg Facey is the Market Segment Manager for ACO, a family owned, global organisation specialising in the manufacture of products for the construction and building industry, with its Australian manufacturing plant located in Western Sydney NSW.                                                                  
He began his career with the organisation back in 2004 as Queensland Specification Representative providing education and project solutions to many state authorities, engineering and architectural firms.
Greg progressed into the current Market Segment role, providing education and CPD support, technical advice and design brief development nationally to industry associations, transport authorities and designers, in the stormwater management space.