Brekkie Briefing on the NEC Suite of Contracts

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Date: Thursday, 30 May 2019 to Thursday, 30 May 2019
Address: BRISBANE, QLD Australia
Place: Christie Conference Centre
Total Price: $78.00

Brekkie briefing on the NEC Suite of Contracts
The New Engineering Contract Edition 4 (NEC)

Delivery of major infrastructure is difficult. Governments across Australia are facing increasing pressure to deliver fit for purpose infrastructure on time and on budget. Yet the lack of standard form contracts and the increase in claims suggest that current contracting models are worsening the health of the consulting and contracting community just at the time when we need it to be vibrant and proactive in support of our country’s objectives.

Foreign governments have been through this process already and adopted a number of measures to help the market they need so badly. One of those measures concerns the contract form choosing NEC4 to replace out-dated, bespoke lump sum forms. NEC4 is catching the eye of some government clients in Australia that are looking to do things differently.

NEC is a suite of collaborative contracts that facilitates project management principles and collaborative practices as well as defining legal relationships. This session will cover the key aspects of NEC4 and will be presented by industry experts who have worked under it and are familiar with its unique qualities.

Guest speaker

Rob Buchanan | Partner | Pinsent Masons
Rob is dual qualified as a Lawyer and a Chartered Civil Engineer and operates in the post-contract space advising clients delivering technically complex solutions on high value projects. His experience spans the transport, power generation and oil & gas sectors from immediately post-contract though project delivery and dispute resolution. Rob has market leading views and is heavily involved in discussions surrounding NEC4. This has led to Rob initiating a research project with the University of Sydney Department of Civil Engineering to ascertain the effects of using the form on subject projects.


Rob will be joined by Steven Evans from CMC ASIA PACIFIC to answer questions, and Allan Uhlmann, Department of Transport and Main Roads joins the panel to share the client’s views on contracts currently in use, the pitfalls, the ‘litigious’ nature being experienced by clients under current models and the potential benefits of using a more collaborative form such as NEC.

Venue: Christie Conference Centre, 320 Adelaide Street, Brisbane
Registration: 7.15 am & light breakfast
Start: 7.30 am. Finish: 9.00 am.

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$78.00 incl gst Non Members

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