Fire Safety Engineering Roundtable

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Date: Wednesday, 20 June 2018 to Wednesday, 20 June 2018
Address: Sydney, NSW Australia
Place: Consult Australia, Miller Room, Level 6, 50 Clarence Street
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Insights Event - Promoting Robust Fire Engineering


The non-conforming buildings products (“cladding”) issue has identified a number of challenges for the consulting engineering profession not least of which is the need for and effective and acceptable framework for fire safety engineering.  Members of Consult Australia firms who employ fire safety engineers or engage fire safety engineers in projects are invited to attend a Consultants Roundtable presented by the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering from the University of Sydney on Wednesday 20 June at 3pm in the offices of Consult Australia.


The Roundtable will outline the Warren Centre’s Fire Safety Engineering Project currently supported by Consult Australia, the Property Council and many others. This project will assess the current practices related to regulation, professionalism and certification to identify strategies for a national approach that includes the role, competence, education, accreditation and ultimately performance of fire safety engineers and approval authorities for buildings and infrastructure. This project is part of an industry led approach to ensure consulting engineers can operate effectively and professionally with the appropriate recognition and insurance in place. These key issues for fire safety professionals have been raised in the Shergold/Weir Inquiry, the Hackitt Inquiry and by a number of State and Territory taskforces.


The agenda will include:


      - Introduction to the Warren Centre

      - Project Technical Structure and Key Tasks

      - Project Management and Potential Contributions

      - Performance Based Design – project outcomes

      - Project Budget and Funding


      The event will be followed by drinks and networking.


Event Details


Wednesday 20 June 2018
3:00pm - 5:30pm
Consult Australia, Miller Room, Level 6, 50 Clarence Street Sydney NSW 200
Free of Cost