A two-day management course for technical professionals
Conducted online and in person (Melbourne)

November 15 and 16, 2021
Program director: Professor Danny Samson (leading all sessions)

Featuring Key Topics

We’ll cover practical topics, illustrated with practical case studies: quality and service improvement, systematic innovation capability, sustainable development/ ESG, marketing principles and leadership development sessions, and integrated business excellence topics.

Connecting rich concepts with practical outcomes: powerful concepts will be combined with assessment frameworks whereby participants will be able to evaluate their own business practices, leading immediately and logically to identification of potential improvements in each topic area.


Program Objectives

This program addresses the core issues for engineers, architects, planners and other technical professionals: how to create additional value for clients, and hence participate in that value creation through superior volume and price of professional service delivery in your firm/ department/ team.

We will examine the external issues of sustainable development and services marketing, and connect these to the internal issues of creating professional service process excellence and improving innovation practices, through to the more personal issue of our own leadership development plans.

Key ‘take-aways’ for participants

Participants will achieve the following:

  1. Through using our Leadership Audit, they will interactively design a powerful three point personal leadership development plan
  2. They will learn to effect the Service Quality and Business Excellence frameworks, aimed to implement workplace improvements in processes and service outcomes
  3. Participants will learn about the cutting edge of sustainable development practices, that is fast morphing into ESG (Environment, Societal, Governance) topics, using our own assessment frameworks for these fast growing areas of practice
  4. They will understand and be able to implement the innovation capability elements at both the service/project level and the firm level.
  5. Participants will appreciate the elements of marketing processes and hence be equipped to contribute to effective marketing activities

In summary, participants will gain a significant lift in their business acumen, leadership and managerial capabilities.


Who should attend? 

  • Senior managers and Directors.
  • Senior Professionals who manage teams, projects, client relationships.
  • Less experienced professionals such as design engineers and project. managers, seen as next generation managers and leaders.
  • Other professionals working in service/ consulting organisations.

This program: developments since 1986

The program consists of eight significant sessions over two days, on the topics described above. Each session provides key takeaway points, such as marketing tips, leadership development plans, sustainable development/ ESG framework, best practices guides. Over 2500 consultants at all levels of seniority in the built environment sector have found benefits from it, including many of our sectors senior leaders.

This program has been conducted for Consult Australia every year, except for ‘Covid 19’ year in 2020, since 1986. It has been updated and redesigned to meet changing industry requirements, many times. This year, a new session is included, on the key new topic of sustainability/ ESG, that all consulting firms will need to increasingly infuse into their designs, services and organisations going forward.  


Program director: Professor Danny Samson

danny-samsonDanny is the program designer and delivers the program. He has degrees and work experience in engineering and business management, and is one of Australia’s most expert management educators. He has been a judge of Consult Australia’s Excellence Awards over numerous years, has worked as a consultant for many companies in this sector and others, and brings a wealth of knowledge and original thinking to the topics. He is an award winning executive educator, in Australia and the USA. He has written a dozen books and regularly writes articles for journals, including Consult Australia’s publication, ‘Consulting Matters’.



Course Materials: current knowledge to supplement the sessions

Participants will be provided with a set of powerful articles, written by Professor Samson and others, that add value and richness to the discussion sessions as a lasting resource. These include relevant sections from Professor Samson’s new 2021 books, Strategic Leadership for Value Creation (Palgrave, 2021) and his industry leading text, Management: Asia Pacific (Cengage, 2021). 



Dates 15-16 November, 2021  
Melbourne University Business School  
200 Leicester Street Carlton, Melbourne

$1,950 (ex GST - online attendance)
$2,200 (ex GST)

Teams of two or more people are encouraged to enrol: fee reductions are available for such.

To inquire or enroll: email (for an enrolment form) to dansamelb@gmail.com or phone Prof. Samson, 0438 782 866 for further details.