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To access the PI Pathway, Consult Australia members can submit a proposal form to one, two or all three of the Brokers on the Panel. The Proposal Form has been developed by the broker panel specifically for use by consulting firms operating in the built and natural environment.

Contact your broker(s) of choice to assist you with completing the form and to find out more about any additional information they may require.

Consult Australia's PI Pathway gives Consult Australia members access to the PI market through a panel of brokers selected by Consult Australia. Consult Australia is providing a referral service only and is not providing any form of financial advice or offering a financial product. Consult Australia does not guarantee the value, price and terms of cover that may be received from any member of the panel of brokers. Any agreement entered into through use of the PI Pathway will be expressly between the panel broker and the Consult Australia member firm.

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