FutureNet Newcastle 5-5-5 - Innovative Solutions to a Tricky Problem

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Date: Thursday, 15 March 2018 to Thursday, 15 March 2018
Address: Newcastle, NSW Australia
Place: Sydney CBD, provided to confirmed attendees
Total Price: $65.00

Join us on Thursday 15 March for our inaugural 5-5-5 FutureNet Newcastle Networking Event.

Five speakers will have just five minutes and five slides to showcase their innovative solutions to a tricky problem.  

A prize will be awarded to the most popular presentation as voted by audience on the night



Nathan Roberts, Aurecon


Roads and Maritime Services NSW recently completed an $84 million upgrade of the Pacific Highway and Wyong Road Intersection at Tuggerah. The project included duplication of an existing bridge over the Main Northern rail line. The bridge design was driven by a number of constraints, the foremost being the proximity of the central pier to the existing rail. In a five minute whirlwind presentation  Nathan will outline the innovative solutions Aurecon employed to expedite construction and reduce safety risks.

 Ross McFarland, AECOM

Coinciding with the growing international concern, AECOM has been engaged by the Department of Defence, AirServices Australia and industry to provide strategic advice and solutions for on the impact of the emerging contaminant concern generally known as “”Per- and Poly-Fluoro-Alkyl-Substances” or “PFAS“.Because of its emerging status, PFAS is a difficult contaminant to quantify, risk assess and subsequently remediate.  The uniquely engineered properties for PFAS mean that conventional technologies stop well short in effectively addressing this contaminant.  Ross will provide insight into the range of innovative technologies that AECOM are developing to provide world first solutions to this tricky problem.


Kathryn Flannery, ACO

How do you create functional, attractive and safe pedestrian areas? With the importance of pedestrian and shared areas in our cities is being increasingly realised, urban designers are challenged with the responsibility of ensuring that public spaces are not only safe for pedestrians but are also aesthetical and a practical. 
Using five principles of water management for urban hardscape pavements, Kathryn will present innovative and simple solutions that will meet the needs of public domains, community areas, streetscapes, schools, business parks, carparks and private developments.


Brenton Wakem, Lindsay Dynan




Rail Bridge is located in the Hunter Valley, near Maitland. Subject to coal trains carrying approx. 500,000 tons coal per day – on average a train every 30mins.

Existing structure was a dual structure steel underbridge, with steelwork having exceeded its theoretical fatigue life. The replacement structure had many design challenges including construction under live rail; a series of 3day construction windows; construction over live road and long spans which required an innovative design to limit structure depth.  Brenton will share with you the innovative solutions Lindsay Dynan came up with to meet these challenges.


Tessa Boer-Mah, RPS Group


Imagine finding a substantial void underneath your site during construction. It has unknown dimensions, unknown use and poses an engineering risk to the project. To exacerbate the issue, it also appears to be a heritage item. The RPS heritage team has a number of innovative solutions which overcomes these tricky challenges. Tessa will share the latest in technological heritage applications and show how they can provide practical solutions to these problems.


Event Details

Thursday 15 March 2018

6:30pm - 8:30pm (registartions from 6:00pm)

Newcastle CBD, provided to confirmed attendees

Dress: Business

Cost: $65 (drinks and canapes included)