CEO Conference Program

2018 Working Program

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Pre Conference – Tuesday 20 February 2018      

6pm Attendee Networking DInner (informal)
Steel Bar & Grill
Carrington Street, Sydney

CEO Conference Program

Day 1 - Wednesday 21 February 2018


Time Session Speakers
8:45 Welcome and Introduction Megan Motto, CEO, Consult Australia

Economic outlook
The Australia building and infrastructure markets continue to evolve and reform. In this session Consult Australia will launch our 2018 Economic Forecast Report and its author will present an overview of the key markets to look out for from a forecaster’s perspective.

Geordan Murray, Senior Economist, HIA & Australian Construction Insights

9:20 Political update
A round the country view of the current state of politics in each states/territory and at a national level including upcoming elections, party positions and headline policy matters.
Simon Banks, MD, Hawker Britton 
Matthew Hingerty, 
CEO & MD, Barton Deakin
Facilitator: Megan Motto, CEO, Consult Australia
9:50 Political outlook
It continues to be a crazy time for politics in Australia...What is the outlook? What are the challenges ahead? Who are the emerging players to note? This session will explore a variety of views on domestic and international politics, and how they will impact Australian markets.
The Hon. Patricia Forsythe, Executive Director, Sydney Business Chamber 
Simon Banks, MD, Hawker Britton 
Matthew Hingerty, CEO & MD, Barton Deakin
Facilitator: Megan Motto, CEO, Consult Australia
10:30 Morning tea
11:00 Champions report
The Consult Australia Male Champions or Change continues to move from strength to strength with major milestones being reached in the past year. In this session, CAMCC Chairman will provide and update on both our progress and the vision of what is still to come.
Peter Bailey, Chair & CEO, Arup Australasia

Engage to engage – why good EQ is great for business 

In our industry, it is safe to assume that ‘our people’ are smart and have higher than average IQ’s. Unfortunately, this often comes at the detriment of strong emotional intelligence (or EQ). Historically, EQ has been viewed as less important than IQ, but research now shows that strong EQ is essential to business growth. The good news is that EQ can be developed – and this session will walk you through some compelling research as well as a simple, but extremely effective tools to help you do it.
Kim Seeling Smith, CEO, Ignite Global
12:00 Unconscious bias
The term is one that has had a lot of airplay in the past few years but how much do we really understand it and the impact that leaving it unrecognised or unchecked can have on our business and once we do what the heck do we do about it?
Isabelle Phillips, Mindfulness for the Global Village
12:45 Lunch
1:40 The changing nature of the work force
The way we work is changing and so are the expectations of both employees and employers. As the pace of change (and expectations) accelerates, we need to do what we can to stay ahead of the game—or at least remain in it! In this session, we hear from some of those at the cutting edge of this thinking about what the future may hold.

Jacky Carter, Group Digital Engagement Director, Hays
Sussan McNamara, Head of People & Culture, Cbus
Rebecca Nash, Group Executive, People and Culture, Perpetual

Facilitator: Kisanne Dulin, Director-Membership & Commercial Services, Consult Australia

2:20 Finding the upside of disruption
Disruption is part of almost all aspects of our lives—and where it isn’t it soon will be—so the question for us to consider is how do we stay on the right side or it or at least remain nimble enough to get there before it’s too late.
Mark Twidell, Director of Energy, Tesla

Bill Cox, MD, Australia & New Zealand, Aurecon
Brett Davis, Perth Office Manager, Director, WGE
Sarah Budd, Resident Director, Haskoning Australia
Facilitator: Jan Irvine, Director State Operations | Manager SA & NT, Consult Australia
3:00 Building trust in the future
The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that trust is in crisis around the world with the general population’s trust in all four key institutions — business, government, NGOs, and media — having declined broadly. With the fall of trust, most respondents lacked full belief that the overall system was working for them with many people’s societal and economic concerns now turning into fears, spurring the rise of populist actions now playing out in several Western-style democracies. So how do businesses go about rebuilding trust and restoring faith?
Presenter: Steven Spurr, CEO, Edelman Sydney 
3:40 Afternoon tea
4:10 Concrete Masonry Association of Australia (CMAA)
Find out more about the CMAA, its strategic objectives, activities, resource and the innovative projects that are currently shaping the industry.
Jake Ring, Civil Engineer, CMAA
4.20 Taking the leap of faith and embracing the future
We will explore what can happen for those brave enough to take the leap in not only disruption, but also in innovation and entrepreneurship/intrapeneurship.
Adrian Turner, CSIRO CEO - Data 61

Ross Jones, Vice President Strategic Growth Asia Pacific & Middle East – Buildings Infrastructure & Advanced Facilities, Jacobs
Jamie Alonso, GM – APAC Strategy & Business Development, Cardno
Hannah Hamling, President Asia Pacific – Principal, Golder
Facilitator: Nicola Grayson, Director – Policy & Government Relations, Consult Australia
5:10 Building our digital built environment capabilities 
Urbanisation, population growth and competitiveness are all key drivers for Australia to have a world class built environment capability. As our economy transitions to a full, knowledge-based economy, the demands upon our cities and built environment grow relentlessly. 
To respond to these changes and to take advantage of the emerging digital economy we need to rethink the way our built environment is planned, constructed and managed.
Adam Beck, Executive Director, Smart Cities Council ANZ

5:25 Day One Close Kiri Parr, President, Consult Australia
5:30 Cocktail Function - Luna Park (separate venue)


Day 2 - Thursday 22 February 2018



Time Session Speakers
8:55 Welcome Megan Motto, CEO, Consult Australia
9:00 Infrastructure Australia address
An overview of the work program and significant issues facing the infrastructure pipeline and policy in Australia.
Philip Davies, CEO, Infrastructure Australia
9:20 One belt, one road
The ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) initiative is a Chinese economic and strategic agenda by which the two ends of Eurasia, as well as Africa and Oceania, are being more closely tied along two routes–one overland and one maritime. Supporters suggest that the initiative permits new infrastructure and economic aid to be provided to needy economies. Critics claim that it facilitates Chinese economic and strategic domination of the countries along these routes. We learn more about this initiative and what it might mean for our industry.
Professor The Hon. Bob Carr, Director of the Australia China Relations Institute, University of Technology Sydney

World class consulting
What does it look like for other sectors and what would we currently consider as global best practice in built environment consulting?

Kumar Parakala, Global Digital Leader, GHD
Andrew Mansour, Partner and Sector Leader, Allens><Linklaters
Sarah Vick, Non Executive Chair, Adelphi Digital
John Lyndon, Managing Partner Australia & New Zealand, McKinsey 
Facilitator: Jan Irvine, Director State Operations | Manager SA & NT, Consult Australia

10:45 Morning tea  

Designing for the future
In a volatile and uncertain market businesses need to be increasingly focused on how to flex their strategy to the unexpected and to do this they are turning to new ways to solve their challenges, one of which is design thinking.  One of the key attractions of this approach is that it drives user centred innovation, de-risks implementation through rapid prototyping and inspires and engages both customers and the workforce in both the journey and the outcome.

Lynette Nixon, Director, Design & Employee Experience, PwC Australia and Industry Fellow, Innovation and Design Thinking, UTS


Consult Australia Male Champions of Change
Meeting and lunch for CAMCC participants.



Motivation and growth – can you have both?
Most firms want to grow—whether it is organically or through M&A—and everyone knows the value of having motivated staff (and the cost of having unmotivated ones) but what motivates people in a small firm may be quite different to those in a large one so how, what and when do you need to adjust your strategy to achieve both?


Arthur Psaltis, CEO, Pritchard Francis
Peter Geoghegan, MD, Geotron
Nina Kilpinen, MD, Seed Engineering
Justin Davies, COO, Northrop
Gerry Doyle, CEO, Tonkin Consulting
Facilitator: Kisanne Dulin, Director-Membership & Commercial Services, Consult Australia
1:00 Lunch (Non-CAMCC)

Collaboration and why we are better together!
We look at the de-volution that is currently occurring in contracting models which is moving firms away from the concepts of alliance and collaboration and the impact of those structures.

Presentation: Fiona Yeang, Yeang Lawyers

Belinda Ritchie, Regional Legal Council, Arcadis 
Peter Massey, MD & CEO,  Calibre 
Facilitator: Kiri Parr, President, Consult Australia

2:45 Rules of engagement – joint venture style
Using a cross functional panel, we explore the often unspoken rules of engagement in a JV team including those of dealing with cultural differences, respecting boundaries and the associated legal issues.
Rowenna Walker, Regional Director Transport, Aurecon
Eva Wood, Director of Operations Transport, Jacobs
Greg Steele, CEO – Australia Pacific, Arcadis

Facilitator: Nicola Grayson, Director – Policy & Government Relations, Consult Australia

Afternoon tea



Is there life after consulting? Doyens give their view!
To close the conference this year we will hear from a panel of leading figures in our industry on life post retirement, some highlights (and perhaps amusing low lights) of their careers and seek to get their perspective on the future of our industry...

Dr Robert Care
Ian Hopkins
Bill Wild
Jeremy Stone

Facilitator: Megan Motto, CEO, Consult Australia


5:00 Conference Close Megan Motto, CEO, Consult Australia



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