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Global climate change is causing more frequent extreme weather events and must be counteracted by more complex and sophisticated planning concepts. Australian manufacturer, ACO, contributes to this with intelligent system solutions; which have a dual purpose: protecting people from water, and water from people. ACO’s external civil construction products are specified in urban or transportation infrastructure applications to perform either a drainage function or to provide service enclosures.

In amongst the challenges associated with water management, other essential services also need to be managed and integrated within the external environment. The growing need for increased cable and utility services for the proper function of adjoining buildings, amenities and street fixtures requires the housing of essential electrical, communication and data cables. This infrastructure needs to be kept dry and be properly housed and safely secured in utility enclosures within the walking or trafficable pavement with minimum impact (physical or visual) on the environment. 

External areas can provide the most punishing environment for drainage systems, cable pits and access covers. Constant traffic can mean severe stress is imposed on hard surface pavements and the ever-present requirement for safety means only proven, reliable, quality products must only be used.

For over 20 years, ACO has manufactured the world famous ACO Drain and ACO Infrastructure product ranges as well as being the foremost Australian manufacturer of cable pits and access covers. In that time, ACO has also provided a number of complimentary professional services to engineers, free of obligation to support the integration of ACO’s products into their specific projects with a full suite of design services relating to  external drainage and service pits. ACO has invested in its own people and engineering software - backed by extensive research and development. This means that ACO is resourced to provide project design assistance and thus contribute to the engineering solutions of tomorrow.

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