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Advocate for your industry

Consult Australia’s policy and advocacy is supported by long-standing, productive relationships through Federal and State Parliaments and the bureaucracy - as well as our members’ substantial expertise and unique perspective on a range of issues.

Consult Australia is sought-after by policy makers who recognise the vital role of professional consulting firms; their contribution to the nation’s productivity, future prosperity, and standard of living.

Our leadership facilitates governments’ policy development delivering better public policy and an improved operating environment for our member firms.

Our advocacy priorities

1. Best practice procurement and fairer contracts
• Campaigning for fair allocation of risk between contracting parties, standard contract terms and liability reform at all levels of government.

2. Safer, sustainable and more productive workplaces
• Supporting national harmonisation of Workplace Health and Safety legislation and developing guidance for firms complying with a changing regulatory environment.
• Facilitating a more diverse workforce, with ensuing productivity benefits, across the industry.
• Improving access to skilled workers against identified shortages.
• Benchmarking and leading the development of industry best-practice for more sustainable and productive businesses.

3. Better urban environments and infrastructure investment
• Sharing our firms’ expertise to deliver more evidence-based public policy outcomes; supporting investment in infrastructure providing more productive, liveable and sustainable urban environments.
4. Stronger, more collaborative business relationships
• Fostering more productive working relationships between consulting firms and private and public sector clients across jurisdictions.

5. Industry innovation, growth and excellence
• Showcase industry excellence, lead innovation and the adoption of new technologies such as Building Information Modelling and Integrated Project Delivery; delivering a more competitive industry in the longer-term.

In these areas we are not just responsive to the political agenda, but setting this agenda; helping to ensure our members’ interests are heard, protected and advanced.

Be involved in our policy roundtables

Our government relations and advocacy across policy portfolios draws on the expertise of industry leaders nominated from our member firms to participate in nine industry-led roundtables:

Infrastructure & Urban Development
Workforce Diversity
Liability & Contracts
Workplace Health & Safety
Building Information Modelling & Integrated Project Delivery
Smaller & Regional Firms

Our roundtables facilitate unique and engaged networks of expertise.  Active engagement is encouraged, and members have the opportunity to share knowledge, influence and develop policy with benefits for their firm and the wider industry.

With the support of our National Policy Team and our state and territory divisions, our roundtables:

• Develop substantive policy agendas and thought leadership on issues of interest;
• Develop guidance for Consult Australia members on the implications of government policy for their business operations;
• Inform submissions or related correspondence and advocacy with governments;
• Support Consult Australia’s representation on external committees, reference groups, and at other events; and
• Facilitate Consult Australia’s relationships with our key stakeholders.

There is no other industry association in Australia dedicated to advocating for the business interests of firms consulting in the built and natural environment. If you want to contribute to better public policy and an improved operating environment for your firm, then get involved.

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