Full Membership

Is my firm eligible?

Full Membership is available to firms that provide consulting services in the built and/or natural environment and which are primarily run by professionals (i.e. those who are members or eligible to be members of a professional institute with a code of ethics). Examples of eligible firms include engineers, architects, planners, quantity surveyors, environmental scientists and project managers.

What do we get?

You can find out more about the benefits of membership here and read about our current advocacy priorities here.

What does it cost?

As membership of Consult Australia is corporate and the advantages of membership are open to all staff, the cost of membership is based on the number of full time equivalent (FTE) staff in the company across all offices. 

Membership fees are pro-rated from the time of joining to the end of financial year with renewal then due on 1 July each year. They are calculated based on the below table.

FTE Annual Cost (excl GST) 
Sole operator
2 – 9 1,100 - 3,577
10 – 99
3,920 - 17,003
100 – 299
17,150 - 29,836 
300 – 999
29,890 - 64,141 
1,000 < 
64,190 - 73,500

How do I apply?

To apply for full membership of Consult Australia simply complete the Application Form and email it to membership@consultaustralia.com.au.

Membership is subject to approval by our Board which will generally take four days from receipt of the completed application form—once approved an invoice will be provided for the membership fee and the membership will become active on payment of that invoice.

Got questions?

Please contact Kisanne Dulin, Director-Membership & Commercial Services on 02 8252 6718 or at kisanne@consultaustralia.com.au.

Once accepted as a member you will be required to comply with Consult Australia’s Code of Ethics and Constitution and be subject to the Consult Australia Membership Terms and Conditions.