Associate and Affiliate Membership

Is my firm eligible?

Associate Membership is open to any firm or business that is engaged in work with the built and/or natural environment but DOES NOT provide consulting services. Examples of business types that would be eligible for Associate Membership include contractors, suppliers, recruitment firms, non-professional businesses, banks, universities, management consultants, research consultants, lawyers and IT consultants.

Affiliate Membership is open to Government Agencies and Authorities.

Firms eligible for Full Membership can not opt for Associate Membership.

What do we get?

You can find out more about the benefits of membership here and read about our current advocacy priorities here.

Associate and Affiliate Members receive member rate pricing for all services, products and events and can access the majority of membership services. They are however not entitled to submit entries for the annual Awards for Excellence, participate in benchmarking activities, vote at the Consult Australia AGM or hold a place on any Committees or Roundtables (State, Policy or Governance).

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What does it cost?

Associate and Affiliate Membership is charged in three tiers based on full time equivalent staff numbers as below:

One or two staff 
$700 (excl GST)  
Three to 99 staff 
$2,000 (excl GST)
100 or more staff   
$5,000 (excl GST)

As with full membership, fees are pro-rated from the time of joining to the end of financial year with renewal then due on 1 July each year. 


How do I apply?

To apply for Associate or Affiliate membership of Consult Australia simply complete the Application Form and email it to

Once processed you will be provided with an invoice for the membership fee and the membership will become active on payment of that invoice—it’s that simple!

Got questions?

Please contact Kisanne Dulin, COO on 02 8252 6718 or at

Once accepted as an associate or affiliate member you will be subject to the Consult Australia Membership Terms and Conditions.