Membership Eligibility Requirements

Your firm must meet at least five main criteria to be eligible for Consult Australia membership:

  1. The firm provides technology based intellectual consulting services for the built and/or natural environment
  2. The firm has sufficient knowledge and experience to provide competent advice in its field of practice
  3. Fifty percent or more of the principals of the firm are members of a professional body such as Engineers Australia or eligible to take out such membership
  4. The firm provides impartial advice consistent with Consult Australia's Code of Ethics, which amongst other things requires firms to have reasonable protection in place for their clients (professional indemnity insurance or equivalent), and to disclose relevant arrangements to clients prior to engagement
  5. The firm is resident or carries business in Australia

The above is just a summary of the full eligibility guidelines. Consult Australia recommends downloading the Constitution and By-Laws for the full set of eligibility guidelines. 

Membership Fees

Consult Australia is a broad organisation providing business support and services to your entire company, including human resources, legal, finance, marketing, team leaders/managers, project managers, as well as professional engineers.

Therefore, membership fees are determined according to total staff size, including part-time and full time staff. Subscriptions are based on a sliding scale with an incremental increase per employee.

Please contact us for an estimate for your firm. Remember to include your contact details and your total staff number (including admin staff, etc. not just your professional engineers).

Apply for Membership

The timeline for your application form to be approved is dependent on the time you submit your application form and the next scheduled Board Meeting. Once your application is received at National Office, a Division Committee Member may conduct an interview with you to determine whether your firm is eligible to become an Consult Australia Member. Other Consult Australia Members are also allowed 3 weeks to comment on new applications received. If your firm is successful through the first two stages, your application will be discussed at a Board Meeting for final approval.


Membership of Consult Australia is Annual (1 July – 30 June) and can be paid in either a single payment (at 1 July) or in quarterly instalments (1 July, 1 October, 1 January and 1 March). Quarterly instalments incur a 5% Administration fee as do payments made after 1 September. 

New members will be charged a membership fee based on pro-rating of the Annual subscription through to the end of the current financial year in their first year of membership and will then move to renew in the above cycle.

Membership Renewal invoices will be issued in May/June each year with an opportunity offered to members each April/May to update their details prior to invoices being produced. Details may also be updated at any time throughout the year.

Resignations must be in writing and received 30 days prior to the end of the current membership period however resignations received within 30 days of receipt of the Renewal Invoice will also be accepted. Resignations received outside of this time will be applied to the next annual membership period (ie membership will not be pro-rated or refunded). Non payment of membership invoices does not constitute resignation.

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