Cities & Urban Development

As we grapple with the challenges of climate change, an ageing and growing population, congestion, urban sprawl and unaffordable housing it is important we do not simply maintain the status-quo.  To meet these challenges, financial and non-financial investment in our cities must be prioritised, planned and aligned with broader state and national policy settings.

Consult Australia has been active in contributing to this debate in recent years, seeking to advance our understanding of the vital role cities play in supporting the achievement of a range public policy goals.  It is important to consider practical next steps for governments, industry and the community to achieve better urban environments.  Priorities need to be set, and a plan for action which will realise a positive future for our cities must take priority. 

Consult Australia is a proud member of the Urban Coalition, and is proud to be a Champion for the Urban Design Protocol. We are also a host organisation for Built Environment Meets Parliament, a Green Star Communities Partner and a member of the Transport Reform Network.

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