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Important Considerations When Hiring a Consultant

Consult Australia members are committed to upholding a professionally recognised Code of Ethics. They are benchmarked against Australian and international standards adhering to international best practice, and offer clients the experience and expertise that is enhanced by networking and being kept up to date of the latest technical and business issues.

Consult Australia member firms have a commitment to uphold a professionally recognised code of ethics when conducting business that are highly valued and recognised by clients

Overview of QBS

Qualification Based Selection allows innovation and good design. Good design can cut 10-15% of construction costs - and more in life cycle costs.

Consulting engineers design and provide management services for large expenditure items such as buildings, roads, environmental services and land use planning. Procurement is specialised because outcomes are unique and only defined in their design.


Objective: to achieve a quality outcome while providing best value for money

Quality project: meets or exceeds the clients' needs or expectations

Value for money: achieved when service and price are optimised

How much should you expect to pay?

Consult Australia no longer publish fee scales and is unable to provide advice in this area as it may result in a breach of the Trade Practices Act.

People looking to engage the services of Consultants are encouraged to:

  • Cleary identify the scope of the work to be undertaken;
  • Obtain 3 quotes; and
  • Make a selection based on QBS (outlined above)

Code of Ethics

Consult Australia's Code of Ethics outlines the principles of member responsibilities to the community. An avenue for complaints is available in order to ensure that members adhere to the ethical standards laid down.

The members are committed to the Principles of this Code of Ethics. These are:

  • to act honestly and with integrity;
  • to respect the inherent dignity and privacy of the individual;
  • to act on the basis of competence and a well informed conscience;
  • to hold paramount the welfare, health and safety of the community; and
  • to uphold, at all times, the Tenets as expressed in this Code of Ethics.

For more information, or to register a complaint, please contact Consult Australia Director of Marketing & Commercial Services Kisanne Dulin on 02 8252 6700 or email.